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Multiple Webhook servers - Call events


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sHi All,

We have multiple kazoo servers with Webhook enabled on them, we use this command sup kapps_config set_default ecallmgr restrict_channel_state_publisher true  to limit the handling ecallmger to only send the webhook call events,  and all is fine, but we noticed that for channel create,  channel bridge, channel answered, these type of webhooks are sent from all webhook kazoo servers, not restricted to the handling server, while channel destroy is following the restriction made by the command above and is being sent only by the handling server. This is causing that same call event (channel create. channel answered) being sent to the CRM or the Receiving server multiple time, which is causing a big issue.


Any clue what would be the problem or if there is a command that we need to execute in order to avoid such duplicate events being sent by all Kazoo servers together?




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Something is amiss, then, as the channel bindings are put on the 'webhooks_shared_listener' which uses a named queue, shared by all instances of the webhooks app.

The bindings are not federated so other zones should not be receiving copies either.

So my guess at this point is you have two webhooks configured and enabled for the same HTTP server, causing the duplication.

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