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Internal and External Ringtone or Distinctive Ringtone


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What is the best way to set up distinctive ringtone for internal versus external calls on the server side from the following options or is there a combination that must be configured? 

1.  Callflows > Action (Distinctive Ringtone)  - does the SIP alert-info header string come from manufacturers docs? 

2. Callflows > Devices > Options - where do you get the string for the internal and external alert-info?

3. Advanced Provisioner > Device Settings > Preferences - ringtone 1 and so on - if set up in this way, do you also need to do some configuration in the device web browser settings? 

Does this only work on Yealink phones or what other brand/models is it suitable for? 

Thanks for any advice

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With Yealinks I use the default "Ringtone1" for external calls. I use "Ringtone4" for internal calls. Via these settings:


Advanced Provisioner -> Device -> Preferences -> Distinctive Ringtone -> Set internal/external as desired.




Advanced Call Flows -> Device ->  Advanced -> Options -> Internal Ringtones "http://localhost>;info=Internal"


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Hello, I've had another query on this, in Advanced Call Flows -> Device ->  Advanced -> Options -> Internal Ringtones  -  if you simply enter text here, e.g. "internal"..  will that process into the SIP header info ?..   I've been told this works and that it's not necessary to enter the full string?  It's difficult to provide the exact string for each device manufacturer..  The same question goes for the "Distinctive Ring" advanced action in Callflows..  it asks for a SIP alert header and I'm wondering is full string needed or just the actual "info" text..  such as "external" or "internal"..    

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 12.41.57.png

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 12.40.07.png

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 12.39.54.png

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