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copy of couchdb every first of the month


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I saw that every first of the month,  kazzo tells couchdb to create a new databases for all the accounts and rename the old one like YEARMONTH (like account_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_202202).

This starts at midnight and lasts for over 8 hours...in mean time the kazoo UI is not available and the sip calls neither.

I need to restar the dbs machines for getting back available.

What I have to do to disable this function?


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These are MODBs: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/core/kazoo_modb/doc/

They are critical to KAZOO usage, so there's no disabling of them. If the MODB doesn't exist when a document (like a CDR) needs to be saved, the MODB will be created. If you have a lot of activity, they'll all stack up waiting for the MODB to be created.

What you can do is configure the MODB task (https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/tasks/doc/modb_creation/)

Set that to pre-create the next month's MODB for all accounts and give it enough lead time (say 3-5 days depending on how many accounts you have); the task will automatically spread out the MODB creations across that time period to hopefully minimize impact on the DB cluster.

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