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Rules says to intro, so I intro.  Basically provide support for a WISP out west, 80% remote, 20 field. In addition we also support the phone systems (using Polycoms and Grandstreams).    I found the site via a quest for some additional knowledge/training, so when I get request like this that rolled in this morning.....

Please change the actions when we receive an incoming call to the following:
1 - Send the incoming call only to ext. 10. After (3) rings, then
2 - Forward the call to ext. 15. After (3) rings, play the Welcome message we will send to you tomorrow.
3 - At any time, the caller should be able to press # or * to leave a voicemail in the general voice mailbox (our Welcome message will state this).

What you talking about Willis?

....I know how to better handle it.

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