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Original Caller ID on calls forwarded to Yealink devices


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Hello all, back from another pause we've got a nice niche item for our TWIL this week. We have a guide the support team was able to generate around this for ensuring you see the correct caller ID when receiving a forwarded call on a Yealink device. Chime in with your Yealink tips if ya got em'! 

Yealink devices need to be configured to retain the caller ID of a forwarded call. If you are not seeing the original caller ID when forwarding to Yealink devices, follow these steps on the phone not receiving the correct ID:

  • Navigate to the phone’s web UI by typing its IP address into a browser.
  • From there, select the Advanced tab under Account.

See below:



  • At the top of the Advanced page choose the account your phone is under:


  • After this locate the Caller ID Source and update it to Preference. By default this value is FROM:


You should now see the correct caller ID when forwarding to a Yealink device.


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This is the code for using it in an optional config file


account.1.cid_source = 6


This is ALSO needed if a Call is Parked on Yealinks.

When you retrieve the parked call, if you have the setting above, it will show the CLID of the party, versus " *31 ".... i/e: what you dialed to get to the Park slot 1. 


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