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Disable Call waiting


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Hi Yazan, 

Can't advise if this works in 4.x but it doesn't work in 5.0 / 5.1 - advised it was a community contribution and it hasn't been fully pulled through to 5.x / isn't supported.

Frustrating really as the back end is all still present in 5.x and it can be configured, but it simply doesn't work. 

There is a callflow element for this too which allows the feature to be toggled on/off and you can set the scope - it can either be user based or device based. 

You will need to create the callflow through the API as the callflow elements isn't exposed in the Callflows app. The flow element needs the below - you can change scope from 'device' to 'user' depending on weather you want this as device based or user based. 

flow": {
            "data": {
                "action": "toggle",
                "scope": "device"
            "module": "call_waiting",
            "children": {}


If you create the callflows then toggle call waiting, if you then perform a GET on the user or device (depending on what you have the scope set as) you will see a call_waiting element has been added to the associated document. 

However, like I said, on 5.x when you call the user or device, there is no change to the call behaviour despite the above changes to the user/device doc being made.

If you are on 4.x it may work, but should you go to 5.x at any point it is likely to stop working. 



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Hi @MattForrest!

We have a PHP script which is setup to run as preflow on the account, invoked by Pivot (made in Callflows app).
This script can for intance handle presences (connected to calendar services, with a voice saying that a user is in a meeting and when he/she will be back, etc).
I guess it would not be that hard to add functionality to check if any of the user's devices is in use and then disconnect the call with a busy tone / response.

More info here:


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