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Good morning, all!

I must admit that I couldn't sleep well last night waiting to wake up to learn more about 2600Hz and Kazoo. I've been in the IT Industry and Telecomm for a few days. However, I was unaware that a fantastic platform like Kazoo did exist, and wait a minute, and open source? Nah! (open-source, highly scalable software platform that provides carrier-grade VoIP switch functions and features.) I was shocked when I researched it. 

I'm a very picky (perfectionist) contender; developers can hate how particular I could be regarding QA, visual aesthetics, and user experience. But I need to admit that Kazoo rocks it! A little bit more about me, I tend to be one weird individual who spends long hours reading "non-sense" kinds of stuff [ask my wife :)], and last night was one of those times that I felt there was something else out there in terms of OpenSource VoIP, but I was unaware of. 

Anyways.... I wanted to thank you for your dedication and sacrifices while building this fantastic platform; I know how hard it is undertaking, but here we are. I'm more than happy to learn more about the initiative and the team, and I'm also here for anything I can do to help the project and the community succeed.

Thank you!


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Welcome @synogeek! Glad to have you here.

In many ways, KAZOO feels like a labor of love, built with good people. Appreciate the kind words! As always, constructive feedback and PRs are welcomed on improving the docs, source code (if Erlang is of interest), or feature set.

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