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Skills-based routing in Call Center


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We're back! We learn every week naturally, but sometimes the team focuses on internal discoveries/developments and those often are just for us, but trust us, we be learnin'! This week however, the team did some diving on Call Center, and in particular routing calls to agents with specific skills listed in their profiles, aka skills-based call routing, one of many incredible features of our Call Center app. What follows is the process for getting that set up in your Call Center instance; remember, any and all feedback on both the content and concepts of this post are strongly encouraged! 


To use Skill Based routing strategies in Call Center, you will need to use the Prepend option in Advanced Callflows to create a prepend that corresponds with that skill. Using prepends in this way, you can even use a menu to have multiple skills to select from before the call routes to your agents.  

Now when you create a skill in Call Center using the Skill Tag editor, you will be able to match that skill to a prepend as seen below. Depending on whether you have chosen Strict or Loose Skill Based routing, agents assigned with this skill will now be either the first or the only agents to receive these calls. 



And that should do it!

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This has been great for our medical offices. We can throw everyone into the same Queue. Then setup skills for billing, MA, and Appointments. It really helps the client start to see where their call volume is and where additional skills are needed to bring down hold times. Cant wait for the Press X for a call back. Hope to see that soon!

Also if you use something like xarios for advanced reporting there is an erlang call center staffing tool you can find online that lets you enter in desired metrics like hold time and help time and it will give you a staffing chart. Would be kind of cool to see that built into the Call Center so clients can pull metrics from that and say they want to hit xy and z and it will use that calculator to help give them a staffing guide based of historical data. 

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