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Porting important fixes from mod_kazoo to mod_erlang_event

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Hi there, 

It seems mod_kazoo is primarily originated from mod_erlang_event. I understand performance issues & limitations, but it appears mod_erlang_event has not been updated in decade!  I'm trying mod_erlang_event & seems register_event_handler call fails and after doing some basic comparisons here are few things I found:

#1- In mod_kazoo we are using write() API instead FreeSwitch switch_socket_send(). It did solve the issues but curious why ? 

   write(listener->sockdes, msgbuf, index)
   switch_socket_send(sock, msgbuf, (switch_size_t *) &index);

#2 ei_init() is also added in kz_erl_init  & teardown kz_erl_shutdown()  for new Erlang releases.

Please share if there any other known issues that can be shared and we can port in mod_erlang_event module

Thanks a lot

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For clarity: we leveraged mod_erlang_event at the start of the project. We wrote, from scratch, mod_kazoo to better handle our use cases.

The main one was mod_erlang_event expected only one Erlang node to connect to the FreeSWITCH node; it was a happy bug in handling connections that allowed us to have multiple ecallmgrs connect to mod_erlang_event.

But there are many performance and features in mod_kazoo that KAZOO utilizes that mod_erlang_event didn't provide.

mod_erlang_event is also written (and probably not maintained anymore) by Andrew Thompson (aka Vagabond). I'm not surprised the code isn't working.

In short, mod_erlang_event is not compatible with KAZOO installations - any use or issues with it can be taken up with Signalwire but not sure they're keen on maintaining it either.

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