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2023 Q3 Newsletter


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This quarter our team has been hard at work preparing product updates and apps for Kazoocon. Be sure to secure your tickets and join us in Las Vegas!


Partner Spotlight

Did you know that agents typically spend close to 10 minutes on a single call? The agent then spends nearly the same amount of time documenting and classifying the calls, writing 100-word summaries, and completing other required actions in the company’s system of record. In this case, note-taking is approximately 50% of the total handle time. 


CPaaS Acceleration Alliance recently featured a game-changing innovation by Vinix and 2600Hz - one that could redefine how we handle note-taking during calls, saving both time and money.


Mark Diaz, the CEO of Vinix, highlighted the challenge of taking notes during a live call. Listening and typing simultaneously is not only arduous but often results in critical information being missed. It's a skill that many call center agents struggle to master effectively.


Recognizing this challenge, 2600Hz and Vinix joined forces to devise a groundbreaking solution tailored for outsourced call centers. This innovation harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform the note-taking process. By actively listening to conversations, this AI technology can transcribe and analyze spoken language while also gauging sentiment. The result? Precise and valuable notes generated mere seconds after the phone call concludes.


Here's a quick rundown of what makes this development so exciting:


▶️It's available today: No long wait on this technology. It is ready today!

▶️ It's easy to deploy: It's designed for effortless integration.

▶️ It provides real benefits to enterprises: It offers tangible benefits to any call center, saving both time and money, while also improving customer experience. 


Don't miss out on this new AI technology. Vinix and 2600Hz's real-time call transcription and note-taking solution is set to revolutionize how we handle customer calls. 


Click here to see Diaz's full presentation.


Marketing Updates


It wouldn’t be a 2600Hz newsletter without some media and press updates. Here are a few highlights from Q3:

  • The clock is ticking! Kazoocon will take place October 23rd-25th at the Palms in Las Vegas. This conference is all about pushing boundaries, having a blast, and creating lifelong connections. Secure your tickets today! 
  • A recent press release highlighted our impressive lineup of sponsors for Kazoocon 2023.
  • We are proud sponsors of Cavell Summit | North America
  • Has cloud communication innovation plateaued? Patrick Sullivan, 2600Hz's Co-CEO, affirmed that the innovation cycle is accelerating. Read more about his response here
  • Sullivan writes a LinkedIn Article on the ups and downs of kiteboarding and startups. 
  • It's been a decade of knowledge, innovation, and connections. Take a trip down memory lane to understand the evolution of Kazoocon and what to expect at Kazoocon 2023!

Stay tuned for more announcements and solutions coming soon.
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