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  1. A caller in a queue should always be notified they are in a queue/hold. Possible to announce something like "you are number x on hold" and maybe play music.
  2. Call queue is when a series of callers are put on hold awaiting for someone to answer them. Call waiting is when a call comes into the extension while the extension is use, but continues to ring for the caller. The extension being called will hear a tone in their ear to indicate a call is coming in. and as well may see indication on the telephone screen.
  3. An easy solution is to just use pattern matching on incoming Caller IDs then send those to the voicemail
  4. The brand and model of telephone has nothing to do with how a call is handled when coming in. It is handled by the system. Just like you can tell the system to send all calls to a specific part of it , such as a ring group, you can also tell it to send certain numbers to voice mail.
  5. That's for your provider.
  6. That was short. I see you back in action already
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