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  1. Perhaps this is the reason for the silence? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ooma-acquires-2600hz-inc-leader-100000774.html It seems Ooma is only a SaaS business. Is the end for Kazoo?
  2. They did mention version 5 would not be released until after their Market Place would be released. A year ago, they had a Talking Heads KazooCon where a demonstration of that store was given. You can access eight video presentations from here: https://www.kazoocon.com/ondemand?utm_campaign=Newsletters&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=218785049&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8lYZNEJJK3KtGt_UUc1iCniAtNZ5GB2aQ7i0SLDfwPp2OPvjcWYegPc8dzaGdN9QA6PxnK3Lrcf-bxVZ610BLKSobj2j_9jeOF7fZwUgx4oz2JyOE&utm_content=218785049&utm_source=hs_email&__hstc=&__hssc=&hsCtaTracking=ac1af466-5313-4120-b27c-5b36bb6b2f59|e7abadb0-b90b-4b8c-983c-498a8de80c7b Strangely, all of the videos are UNLISTED. Not sure why one would do that, especially when trying to promote business or products.
  3. KazooCon is next month. Perhaps something will be announced then.
  4. Why put effort into Panasonic which shuttered its telecom business down?
  5. Kazoo v4 was for installing on CentOS 7 and no more public release of a stable OS. What's going to happen now?
  6. About the same time they stopped working on version 4
  7. I do believe it was mentioned somewhere in this thread that version 4.x is done with. Meaning no further work will be done on it at all.
  8. I gotta agree with BitRate on killing the community. There are hardly any videos about Kazoo or 2600Hz posted online. Even the so-called 2022 "KazooCon" was only online, and all the videos posted about the event are all UNLISTED. Seriously?
  9. Ummm @Bitrate, this is 2600Hz, not Signal Wire. It has already been stated Kazoo version 5 will be released once the app marketplace has been opened. That is the bigger issue as it has been over three years now, and still no marketplace released.
  10. They didn't "start" to charge for anything other than what they have always charged for.
  11. So they decided to post a 2022 report just this month? LOL!
  12. Because there is no roadmap. They indicated 3+ years ago that they would release a app market before they would release Kazoo 5. That app market has never come to fruition. I don't think there any more plans on Open Source. Even their Quaterly News report stopped over a year ago.
  13. Meantime? They have gone silent on anything with regards to open source. Even Sangoma has announced plans to go all SaaS in the future.
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