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A few suggestions for the Callflows App

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  • 2600Hz Employees

I have a few suggestions for the Callflows user interface.  Please let me know if there's a more appropriate place to share this types of feedback.

1. Searching for a callflow using the search feature will only return matched callflows that have been loaded in the browser.  If there are a lot of callflows that haven't been loaded yet (because, they're lazy-loaded when the user scrolls down), the search will return no results even though there is a matching callflow.  Ah - I just noticed that a button appears that says, "search on the server".  Although that did work, it seems that searching on the server could be the default.  If feels strange to have to say, "Yes, please search the server too."  Who would be like, "Oh, it wasn't found in the browser?  Ok, nevermind.  Don't bother searching on the server.  I give up."  Ha ha ha.

2. Rearranging modules in a callflow via drag-and-drop would be a nice feature.

3. It seems impossible to add a module to the _middle_ of a callflow.  For example, if I have a very simple callflow containing one module, the Pivot module, and I want to add a TTS module before the Pivot module, it doesn't seem possible.  In order to achieve that, I'd need to first remove the Pivot module (which loses all of its settings), then add the TTS module, then add back the Pivot module.

4. If I add the Device module to a callflow, then select "Add a new device" (a Cellphone), clicking the green save button does nothing.  By looking behind the scenes, an error is is generated that says, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'media_id' of undefined.  In order to successfully add a new device (Cell Phone), I had to use the Smart PBX app.


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  • Administrators

      I LOVE these suggestions! THANK YOU! And good news. We need to build a new drag and drop editor for the cluster manager project, so we are looking to build (or find) one that works for both a callflow redo AND the cluster manager, cause it's the same tool. The requirements are to be able to re-arrange modules in a callflow indeed. This would fix #2 and #3 listed above.

      #4 sounds like a bug - can you file that at https://tickets.2600hz.com? That shouldn't happen.

      #1 is a whole different ballgame. The problem is deep. I realize most systems let you search in this manner so the UX is clunky without it BUT unfortunately BigCouch has no full text search! So we can't fix this easily without loading ALL results for ALL API requests in the browser, which doesn't scale. But don't fret. The permanent fix for that is when we move to CouchDB 2.0! It has search capabilities, and then we can do exactly what you asked.

       Keep this stuff coming, it's awesome!

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