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How To Blacklist Privacy Calls


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Hey guys,

I have many customers who want to block anonymous calls. Using the blacklist, I can block specific numbers, including +0000000000. However, if an INVITE comes in with 

From: "Anonymous" <sip:Restricted@IP_ADDRESS>;tag=gK081f67ae
Privacy: id

It looks like kazoo does not evaluate it against the blacklist. I don't even see a log line for "not blacklisted". Stepswitch_inbound "runs routines" for the dialed number, but nothing about checking the blacklist. Is there a way to blacklist these types of anonymous calls?

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This is already addressed in 4.1. There is now a blacklist of private numbers flag, and it will block them with a smarter routine that checks the headers without you having to specify the numbers like before.


Check  https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/crossbar/doc/blacklists.md- it's listed as "should_block_anonymous"


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