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Conference Moderator PIN Confusion


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I'm not sure if I have this configured correctly, so any assistance would be appreciated. 

I've configured my conference to accept a conference number and moderator PIN.

When callers dial a conference bridge number they are asked for the conference number, and then again for a PIN. This is highly confusing and prevented some people from joining the conference. How can I have the system ask for the conference number and then ask if you are the moderator enter your PIN now, otherwise press'#' to enter the conference.

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On the contrary it actually does work (at least to some degree). In user-portal Conference, the moderator is singled out above the other callers and given privilege to control mute and drop of the other callers. It's really a useful feature.   

It just occurred to me that you gave a demo of it in one of your interviews, that's how I learned of the features.

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1) We've heard this concern before, but it's been 15 years now and we've had exactly 0 instances of abuse. But, it's possible.

2) The conference limiter has no relation to the trunks. You are limited by whichever is lower. You do need a trunk for someone to call in from the outside but let's say you have 5 inbound trunks and 5 local extensions  also  call in but your conference is limited to 8, well two of those people aren't going to be let in.


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Ok....I know we’ve had clients utilize our conference bridge service For approximately 60 participants before and we assumed the limits were based on the trunking options on the sub-account, so we increased that to account for it. There were no issues reported.

Until we setup/figure out api access, might have to do that again to be safe, although if there were no issues, I can deduce that our conference limite must be fairly high? Is there a default value?

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