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  1. Or can I do something with outbound flags on the account level in Advanced Callflows? or maybe on the per device level, authorizing outbound to specific numbers only?
  2. Hello All, Your assistance is greatly appreciated in advance. On Hosted with Yealink T53W phones, looking to limit outbound calling to only a select set of numbers on a specific subaccount. Thought I might be able to do it in the carrier custom REGEX expressions but: - I can't select this carrier for my sub-account, says I've run out of IPs, so can't open the carrier templates location in the Carrier app but can easily use the partner's (main account's) carriers. Thought next, maybe we can make the restrictions on the phones themselves but I can't seem to locate how to. Lastly, I was able to sneak a carrier template into a fresh account and select ips, (can't replicate again now) but even with the custom carrier expressions, although it passes in the carrier template test, dialing from the phone fails. Or even requiring a pin if a user wants to call a number outside the listed ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. @esoare, looking for some direction on how to setup a server to host yealink configs for retrieval. Need to change more features than advanced provisioner offers. I know there's a custom config URL field but I'm not sure what sort of protocol, server etc would be required. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Ok....I know we’ve had clients utilize our conference bridge service For approximately 60 participants before and we assumed the limits were based on the trunking options on the sub-account, so we increased that to account for it. There were no issues reported. Until we setup/figure out api access, might have to do that again to be safe, although if there were no issues, I can deduce that our conference limite must be fairly high? Is there a default value?
  5. 1) Here’s to hoping....not to sound like a distrustful New Yorker (lol) 2) Understood, where do I find the conference limiter?
  6. 1) Hard to control people not just using the bridge at their whim, with the participant pin, if the moderator has no “real” control, no? 2) Not sure I understand. So, the number of trunks on the sub-account doesn’t limit the number of participants?
  7. Cool, thanks. 2 other questions: 1) i don’t see an option for “Wait for moderator”, does that mean that’s not available either? 2) Are the limits for the number of participants in a conference bridge determined b the number of inbound or two way call capacity on the account?
  8. Good Morning, curious as to whether the DTMF functionality for the moderator was ever implemented as of the last posting here.
  9. Same here! Customer-training oriented white label documents/presentations available?
  10. Cool! Is it possible to add the intercom key type option to SmartPBX as well?
  11. Is it safe/advisable for private cloud to upgrade to 4.3 now?
  12. Thank you! I will try it out this weekend and let you know how it pans out!
  13. Hello All, Looking to setup a shared line appearance on about 2 phones (Yealink T54S). I've looked at the documentation at https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/operation/shared_line_appearance/ but I don't have ssh access where I can attempt to replicate easily. The ringing on both devices, I get - easy enough with a ring group. It's the BLF update that I can't seem to figure out. The client basically wants one of their buttons (DSS-keys) to blink while the phone is ringing. The workaround I'm thinking of is just creating a new "user" for the line, point the DID to that user and just register the phones' account 2 to that use (after creating generic sip devices/credentials for them). After that, pointing a DSS key to that line. Any help would be appreciated
  14. I saw the beginning of templating in provisioner in the sandbox environment, so I can confirm that it is being worked on.
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