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I see call forwarding at the account, user, and device level. However, what if I want to forward a call from a callflow? 

e.g. Any DID that is not assigned to a user, but expected to ring an auto attendant, or a ring group. I'm fully aware that I can modify the callflow as I see fit, but I'm after a way to keep the callflow as-is and selectively override it with a forward. This way I don't have to write code to remember how the callflow was configured prior to the modification and restore the preexisting callflow.

Some PBX systems call this mainline forwarding.

Any thoughts?

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What we find works best is we always setup the DIDs in a call flow that just points to another call flow. Then we setup a TOD function and override it whenever necessary. When we need to remove it, we just delete the extra TOD options and leave all other times remaining in place. Super easy when we have multiple employees working on a customer's account. Here is an example:



Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.02.39 AM.png

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