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  1. Not directly with a built in method, but you can build a call flow with a time of day to do it.
  2. Ahh I see what you're trying to do. I don't think that would work. I would suggest building this a little bit differently. There's no way to set a schedule on a device...only a call flow. That means you can't have a phone (such as 103) set with a different schedule if it's part of a ring group. You would need to create a call flow to point calls to different ring groups at different times. So for example, point your main DID to a call flow with a time of day element, and then duplicate this example that you've taken a screenshot of, and build it a second time without device 103. Then you can r
  3. Whoops, sorry, I just edited my post. Sorry about that! And no, ring groups are based off of devices or users, not call flows.
  4. That sounds like you're using SmartPBX and trying to build a duplicate call flow in advanced call flows.
  5. You would have to do this in advanced call flows by building a call flow for each extension, and assigning a time of day function to it.
  6. Here is the official response from support: +++++++++++++++++ All accounts can setup a callflow of “0” and users can push 0 from any voicemail and it will ring that extension. It is system-wide, it can’t be configured on a per mailbox basis, but it would allow someone to “get out” of voicemail and go back to, say, a main menu if 0 was configured as a main menu. SmartPBX always adds extension 0 automatically if you are using that application, so this would already be setup in that case. If a given account is not using SmartPBX, they would have to build an extension 0 in Advance
  7. That's strange...I've never had that problem before. Normally we just update the XML file and reboot. Great! Can't wait for this to be ready to go 🙂
  8. This requires you to manually apply it on each phone, and manually create XML files though, which can be a huge hassle. Plus then every time an employee leaves, you have to remember to update all of the phones and XML files.
  9. This is usually a phone on the physical setting where you can disable call waiting. I believe this is what you are looking for.
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