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  1. So what exactly routes inbound SMS to the Bria application and how can you control which users receive it? I'm kind of confused how that would work.
  2. Hmm that seems like a huge shortfall. 95% of our DIDs are port-ins. After clicking through a ton of random DIDs in our account I was finally able to find one with the option available, but it's not much good if it's available this few and far between. What do you mean "bring your own number to" exactly? For Bria, is this what you're referring to? https://docs.counterpath.com/guides/mob/mob_Retail_Ios_5.6.1/UG/clients/UserGuides/Mobile/Accounts/mobSetUpXmppAccounts.htm Without building our own UI for SMS, I can't really see any point in using this nor do I see how it helps us 😕
  3. Super excited to hear about this! Three questions though: 1. I don't have the "Messaging" option available...it simply doesn't show up. 2. If I understand correctly, there is no interface built out that would allow us to simply provide access for our clients to be able to send/receive SMS via a web portal...right? 3. Is MMS also supported?
  4. Thanks for the reminder...didn't realize there are tons of new categories that have been created since I last went through and followed everything
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