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Yealink T##x Call Pickup Ringing Call / Parked Call's don't show CLID number


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So I got a note from a customer stating :

"Today, Nickie is out so I was picking up her calls, and I noticed that when I do answer her line directly the actual phone number disappears. On my phone, it shows that I picked up her line, but doesn’t give the number and on her phone, it just shows that her call was picked up by me. Is there a way to get that number?"

This customer has BLF of the USER's Presence ID's on all phones. So a caller presses 0 to reach the "Front Desk". All the phones have a BLF for the Front Desk which Flashes RED. User presses the BLF key flashing RED, the call gets connected. But the Display shows the User's Extension, instead of the Outside caller's phone number...This happens with Call Park as well *31 etc... 

Dug around a bit and found a Yealink doc on Call's (see attached). 

The default is "FROM" in the RED Box picture. For the phones that Have "FROM" in the Caller ID Source, the *31 or extension dialed is what shows on the phone. 

I changed it to Preference, and the CLID of the outside caller displays on the user's phone. When pressing the BLF to pickup someone else's phone, as well as using the Call Park *31 keys....


That is a pretty cool find! 

esoare out

Calling and Connected Line Identification Presentation on Yealink IP Phones_V81_73.pdf

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I am noticing a similar thing on Grandstream phones. I cannot find a fix yet though. When parking an incoming call to a monitored call park, the call will save a display the outside CID of the original caller as intended. When making an outgoing call, and placing the call on park, the call is displayed as the outbound CID of the account instead of the callee ID

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