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Call Forwarding from outside


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4 minutes ago, Tuly said:

they also need to change the forward number... so what is the "update call Forwarding"  in advanced call flows?  what is the use of the Call Forwarding section in advanced call flows

That's for mapping an extension or feature code to. The thing is, when that number is dialed, the system looks at who the caller is to determine what to update. Since you're calling from the outside, the caller is unknown, so the system doesn't know who you are, so it doesn't know what to update.

Those features are designed to be used by the phone only.


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There is a way to do that . We have implemented a variation where if you call form the outside and enter a extension number and that numbers pin code you can have that number forwarded to the cid of the device you are calling from.

  You can create a callflow with a pivot script. 

The pivot script can ask the user for the number they want to apply forward to and a pincode (preset for that number). you can do api calls in the back to  find the device document for the number to apply forward on and do pincode matching for security purposes. after that you can ask the user for the number that calls should be forwarded to. Then make a json  for call forward and patch it to that device document.

Json for call forward can be found here.  https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/crossbar/priv/couchdb/schemas/devices.json  line6 - line 48


edit: you can make a user outside device field in user document and then do CID matching on incoming calls and provide more service to people dialing form outside or some variation on disa. Just have to be very thorough with making it secure.

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