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  1. I am an idiot. It doesn't use the realm for its registration address. My bad.
  2. What dns entries do I need to use to get the Realm Suffix to work right? I have the CNAME to monster UI working, but I don't know what entries to use for the domain suffix. Certainly you need to point your sip.cleartrunk.com to somewhere?
  3. I asked this prematurely. I saw that my phones were registered to  us-west.p.zswitch.net us-central.p.zswitch.net And that led me to guess that there was at least a third: us-east.p.zswitch.net Looks like San Jose, Chicago, and New Jersey. Awesome!
  4. I was wondering about redundancy of the 2600hz hosted cloud. How many data centers is this in and where are they located? Is the latency across the US pretty good everywhere?
  5. Our use case is strange... http://getweave.com Our desktop software shows each call and its status, along with the data from the CRM. So if a call gets put on hold, we reflect that in UI. For parking, we want them to be able to see the customer name in the park slot in our software and click it if they want to pick up that call. But real-time updating is essential.
  6. The reason it shows an incoming call by default is in case you want to do a park orbit subscribe. Then the function key behaves as if multiple incoming calls are coming in, even though in reality they are parked. This allows you to press and hold the function key and it will list all calls on that orbit and allow you to pick one up. See this doc starting at the bottom of page 10: http://support.polycom.com/global/documents/support/technical/products/voice/Static_BLF_TB62475.pdf
  7. We second everything Karl said, in particular the device_id which is how we track what device is doing what. But we would also like to see channel_hold event for when a call gets put on hold. And if possible, a channel_park event for when a call gets parked, and what slot it was parked to.
  8. I want to change my caller ID to whatever I want to. For offices we setup that are in the porting process, but haven't ported yet, their outbound caller ID needs to be their main line still. Is there a way to do this?
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