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  1. Maybe more of, the primary device is not registered any longer so the call goes to an alternate device (landline, cell phone, etc)
  2. Marie, you can associate a landline or mobile device to the phone where calls ring in. Or create a find me follow me .
  3. I'm curious, when the term "QOS" is mentioned in this thread. Are we talking about the ability for a router to perform some traffic shaping? Other than that, what else can be done? if you mark packets on the egress towards someone like Comcast, they are not given any priority once they leave your router. (unless this is something beyond basic business broadband circuit)
  4. Hey, what Mikrotik router and firwall models have you used?
  5. Also, I use http://www.pingtest.net on a firefox browser via wired ethernet connection . If you get less than a B grade with Packet loss, Ping time, or Jitter. Chances are the connection is going to be problematic with VoIP Also, try this test http://www.ringcentral.com/support/ca... hth MD
  6. Here is a similar thread https://helpcenter.2600hz.com/2600hz/...
  7. Appreciate the status updates, i subscribed as well Is this a 2600hz issue specifically? or the datacenter/ Telco building
  8. Good Morning Logicwrath, Thanks for the response. I am using p3 as well, but cannot seem to get it to work with https, have you?
  9. I'm testing Advanced provisioner currently with a Polycom 550. The Advanced provisioner is advising using this URL: https://p.s.zswitch.net This url does not seem to be working, or I have the polycom misconfigured Thanks MD
  10. No problem, just was curious if someone did actually get this scenario to work . I'll try it out Thanks
  11. We have a reseller/Customer that wants to record outbound calls from their agents
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