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  1. mc_'s post in How to point out kazoo-freeswitch to the custom freeSWITCH directory? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Beka Gelashvili
    When I'm testing alternative FreeSWITCH instances, I use:
    sudo FS_BIN=/usr/local/freeswitch/bin/freeswitch /usr/sbin/kazoo-freeswitch start -nonat
    This starts FreeSWITCH in the foreground so if you exit the console, FreeSWITCH will stop. You can use the -nc flag to put FreeSWITCH in the background and use fs_cli to connect that works better for you.
  2. mc_'s post in Kamailio - Invalid domain when connecting Zoiper was marked as the answer   
    Hi Alex,
    First, I would recommend https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/install/install_via_centos7/
    I'm not sure if the powerpbx guide is still updated or not, but our guide covers similar ground and is updated as folks encounter issues. It is backed by a public Github repo as well for all to contribute.
    As for your issue, KAZOO (and most SIP setups) use the domain portion to figure out what account to associate with the caller. In your case, it is unlikely you created an account with a SIP realm of Kamailio's IP address. You will need to configure zoiper to use the SIP realm of the account and, if the domain doesn't resolve to Kamailio's IP address, you will need to configure zoiper to use an outbound proxy (or zoiper's equivalent) to point to Kamailio's IP.
    You can read https://docs.2600hz.com/user_guides/doc/manual_phone_config/zoiper/
    Might help; adjust realm and outbound proxy to your setup
  3. mc_'s post in Login issue method not allowed was marked as the answer   
    HI @vageesh welcome!
    It is hard to say but it appears that you've misconfigured the API url.
    Your API responds with an appropriate error with 'curl -v -X PUT'
    So check your monster config.js and ensure the URL is similar to this ^
  4. mc_'s post in The kazoo Rest API documentation was marked as the answer   
    If you are a customer, /supported is what we officially support via support tickets.
    For open-source or adventurous folks, https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/ has the full listing of API docs.
  5. mc_'s post in Websocket address:port for 2600hz hosted Sandbox? was marked as the answer   
  6. mc_'s post in Decode Error Kazoo was marked as the answer   
    Make sure that `event-stream-framing` in /etc/kazoo/freeswitch/autoload_configs/kazoo.conf.xml matches the result of `sup kapps_config get ecallmgr tcp_packet_type`.
  7. mc_'s post in Inbound Call Barring was marked as the answer   
    Don't assign the account a DID and it won't receive a call for that DID. If you must keep the DID assigned to the account, create or edit the callflow for the DID(s) to use the "response" callflow action to respond to the caller with the SIP response code of choice.
  8. mc_'s post in Call Recording Retention was marked as the answer   
    AFAIK there are not; accounts (or their resellers) should maintain those by cleaning up as necessary.
    As a feature request, this would be pretty straightforward to implement as a task for the tasks app, though.
  9. mc_'s post in Referencing System Media files was marked as the answer   
    Just checked the 4.2 code and indeed, the menu callflow action does not construct the URL in the same way that 4.3/master do. Sorry, I should have asked your version at the start. So this will definitely work when you upgrade to 4.3
  10. mc_'s post in change in license? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @enkp,
    You can read a summary of changes from 1.1 to 2.0 here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/MPL/2.0/Revision-FAQ/
    The main bullets for why to upgrade from 1.1 are:
    MPL 2.0 makes compliance simpler, both for you and for people who receive code from you. MPL 2.0 provides patent protections for you and your contributors more in line with those of other open source licenses, and allows your entire community to protect any contributor if the contributor is sued. Compatibility with Apache and GPL makes code reuse and redistribution easier for you and for the broader open source community. So just as we keep our dependencies updated, this is making sure our license stays updated to make it easier for everyone.
  11. mc_'s post in Limits and Billing for accounts was marked as the answer   
    For support, free options include this forum and IRC; you can email sales@2600hz.com to see about dedicated support plans.
    For open-source builds you are probably best served with the 'dev' docs site: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/
    Also the 'sysadmin' docs site: https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/
    Both are great places to contribute to the project if Erlang code isn't something you want to take on at the moment.
  12. mc_'s post in Scaling from single server was marked as the answer   
    Single-server installs are proofs of concept, for testing/instructive purposes, do not use in production, here be dragons!
    There are two common "minimal" installations:
    - 2 zones, 4 servers per zone - in each zone, 2 bigcouch servers, 1 kazoo/kamailio/rabbit, 1 FreeSWITCH
    - 1 zone, 7 servers - 3 bigcouch servers, 2 kazoo/kamailio/rabbit, 2 FreeSWITCH
    But the big one is to have 3+ servers for bigcouch from the start.
  13. mc_'s post in Godaddy EV SSL Certificates With DigitalOcean CentOS Server Setup was marked as the answer   
    There's a page from a while ago: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/applications/crossbar/doc/securing_crossbar/
    It shows setting up a self-signed certificate but you can just skip to where the guide configures Crossbar. Should work as expected once you restart Crossbar.
    Another option is to use HAProxy or similar in front of Crossbar to handle SSL termination.
  14. mc_'s post in Page with password was marked as the answer   
    You could create a menu that has the password as one branch, going to the page group and a default branch going to a recording. You may have to use the API to set that up as I don't think you can configure menus in the UI with multi-digit branches.
  15. mc_'s post in Setting Up Storage to use Google Drive was marked as the answer   
    Basic idea is here: https://docs.2600hz.com/dev/core/kazoo_auth/doc/oauth/#using-google-drive-for-voicemails
    Doc needs cleanup to render better though. Use https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/core/kazoo_auth/doc/oauth.md
  16. mc_'s post in Cheat sheet was marked as the answer   
    The install guide has a lot of those commands as part of setting up a server. Want to contribute a v4 cheat sheet to the sysadmin repo?
  17. mc_'s post in Unable to get the kazoo atlassian wiki page was marked as the answer   
    The wiki is in the process of being deprecated. Some of the pages were "auto-imported" into the docs site but require refreshing and updating to render properly. For instance, the SUP page can be found here. It needs love though; want to make the updates and issue a pull request? There's an edit link on the page if you're signed into Github.
  18. mc_'s post in SaaS Support was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Luigi and welcome! You will want to check out our Global Infrastructure program. You can also reach out to the sales team to talk through your requirements, hopes, and dreams. They'll walk you through your options, give you a demo of what the platform looks like, etc.
  19. mc_'s post in Testing on Local Machine was marked as the answer   
    And to be clear, this is changing so that the billing component is more general and less tied to braintree. Not sure on roadmap / timeline but it is an active priority.
  20. mc_'s post in Scalability of Kazoo - Number of Users Supported was marked as the answer   
    To add more, will your devices be doing HD audio? Video? Lots of transcoding between WebRTC (using OPUS) and PSTN (using PCMU)? Conferencing? If so, how many participants? Support for SIP over TCP/TLS/VPN/etc (basically non-UDP)? SRTP? Fax? Expected CPS and concurrent calls? Lots of presence/BLF/other features?
    As mentioned, you can create more zones to isolate load based on geography (typically). You can throw bigger hardware at the problem. You can buy bigger and bigger pipes. You can host and get cross-connects in the same data-centers with your upstream providers. But there's no magic formula for inputting X devices and getting Y infrastructure costs. There are best practices that get you pretty far but eventually something will crack and you'll need good monitoring to detect those cracks.
    So, yes, Kazoo can be (and is) deployed to support 250K+ devices. As you grow, different parts of the infrastructure will fall down and need improvement, and where those spots are tend to be unique values for each installation (esp since usage patterns tend to vary greatly).
    We can be your partner in that journey to 250K and anticipate a lot of the growing pains
  21. mc_'s post in schema user_auth not found was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like the schemas haven't been loaded into the database. Try 'sup kapps_maintenance refresh system_schemas` to force a reload of schemas, then try your create command again. You probably want to remove the account db (and modb), and the account doc from the 'accounts' db.
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