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  1. Did you know you can add a pop-up announcement to each account so they see it when they Log in? Wish your team Happy Holidays, remind them to update their password, notify them of new features or let them know they’re awesome. It’s a hidden gem of a feature, found in the Accounts app, under Notes, available to any administrator. You can create a unique message for each account, and you have a WYSIWYG editor to jazz it up. Here’s an example of a reminder to reset your clocks for daylight savings, and your passwords too! To remove the announcement, simply clear the text from the Notes field. If empty the dialog box will not display.
  2. DESCRIPTION Join our 2600Hz team for a second webinar dedicated to Resellers. This webinar will be focused on upcoming announcements related to the version 4.0 upgrade: Features - What is in it and how can you benefit from it?" with 2600Hz Community Manager Isaac Vega Test Drive - How can you play with what's coming out and how can you give feedback?Upgrade! - What's the plan for upgrading and how do you prepare?Click Here to Register! password: kazoo4.0 DATE AND TIME:  Fri, September 30, 2016  10:00 AM PDT – 11:00 AM PDT
  3. Thanks for the feedback.  We will have more. 
  4. Hey everyone, Please use the following link to join the webinar:   join.me/join2600hz
  5. Early Bird Tickets are on sale for KazooCon 2016!  Some highlights you can expect:  Hands-on Demos with 2600Hz experts 2600Hz and Kazoo announcements Industry Best Practices Networking with tech thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and developers   We are looking forward to seeing you there!
  6. You are invited to attend: 2600Hz Reseller Webinar #1   Friday, September 9, 2016 from 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM PST Join our 2600Hz team for a webinar dedicated to Resellers. We will be holding these regularly, but the first one will cover the following:  Migration App-what is it and how can you use it? with Isaac Vega  Roadmap-what you can look forward to seeing in Monster UI  Upcoming Events and News Reseller Q&A with Aaron Gunn and Darren Schreiber  Please use the link below to sign up. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2600hz-reseller-webinar-tickets-27494394474 Password is RESELLER
  7. We’re Moving Our Office to 4.0 Hi there, We’re writing to let you know that we will be moving our support phone system to a new set of servers. This is being done for the following reasons:   1) If we ever have an outage on production, you should still be able to reach us 2) It keeps us honest in keeping our sandbox up to date and stable, since we’ll be using it as our production system at 2600hz 3) It allows us to eat our own dog food and pre-test our new releases before anyone else touches them 4) It allows us to implement and test our new call center and Pivot features, which optimize the call-in experience for everyone to provide better support to our customers (more to come on this soon!)   This will have zero impact on any of your accounts or clients, we are only moving our office numbers, devices, and users.   This cut-over will occur THIS FRIDAY. This means call-in phone support may experience some minor temporary issues as we migrate to the new system.     Please note that, as a policy, 2600Hz requires all customers to open a support ticket prior to calling support for an escalation. All support tickets should include a call example, the account ID in question and your customer name. For the sake of making this cutover smoother, please ensure you use email first before calling (though this is the standard policy anyway, so this just serves as a friendly reminder).   Thanks!   The 2600Hz Team
  8. Hello there, I can see how it may seem they are not same since it now requires an extension.  SmartPBX is about presenting to the end user/administrator a cohesive intuitive phone system. It works the way most people would expect or makes sense as you explore it. It hides and automates all the myriad of things that can possibly be done with the APIs for the sake of usability to the user. It limits some things and requires others, like extensions for groups for the sake of usability for the most common use cases. Please let us know if this helps.  If not let us know what you are trying to do and see how we can help.
  9. Travis, There is no easy way of doing this.  You would need to rebuild the account. 
  10. Hello, Unfortunately this codec is not supported at this time. 
  11. Hello In Monster UI, you can find "Groups" under the SmartPBX app. 
  12. Hello, Thank you for the comment/suggestion regarding the attachment size limits.  We will take this under advisement. 
  13. Thanks for getting this set up Rick
  14. Hello Everyone: You're invited to join us for an official Kazoo Basic Training course in New York City, NY! If you use the code 2600HZCOMMUNITY you will get 15% off. Click Here to sign up now!
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