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  1. Hi. If it's done with replication, you may experience high load on CouchDB itself. Very likely you're going to have a big number of databases and lots of running replication tasks. And clearly, if a DB struggles - all other components are going to have problems too. This question is not that simple, actually. But you can try ))
  2. Hello. You can edit the local.cfg of the Kamailio config, and add an advertisement rule, so your listen rule looks something like listen=udp: advertise More here: https://www.kamailio.org/wiki/cookbooks/devel/core
  3. Yummy! Works like a charm. Files are in the S3 bucket at the moment Thanks a lot. Should I create a bug in the tracker?
  4. I have to say that my dev-server is also placed on Amazon infrastructure. "plan": { "modb": { "types": { "call_recording": { "attachments": { "handler": "859619ec3b764362982d76b2919b602d" } }, "mailbox_message": { "attachments": { "handler": "859619ec3b764362982d76b2919b602d" } } } } }, "attachments": { "859619ec3b764362982d76b2919b602d": { "settings": { "secret": "{AWS_SECRET}", "key": "{AWS_KEY}", "bucket": "devcallrec", "scheme": "https", "region": "eu-central-1" }, "name": "Kazoo S3", "handler": "s3" } }, Also tried to add the "host" param to the configuration, but with no luck
  5. Thank you! Definitely, FS uses short DNS name and it wasn't written to /etc/hosts. I've fixed it, but now get more complicated 500 error. I'm using all-in-one server for tests, so I dumped 24517 port where FS sends mp3 file. root@kzdev:/home/admin/# ss -antp|grep 24517 LISTEN 0 1000 *:24517 *:* users:(("beam.smp",pid=10256,fd=27)) T -> [AP] HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error. server: Cowboy. date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:53:36 GMT. content-length: 304. . {socket_error, {nxdomain, [{lhttpc_client,send_request,1, [{file,"src/lhttpc_client.erl"},{line,222}]}, {lhttpc_client,execute,9,[{file,"src/lhttpc_client.erl"},{line,171}]}, {lhttpc_client,request,9, [{file,"src/lhttpc_client.erl"},{line,93}]}]}} No idea which hostname the Cowboy tries to resolve, but I checked the short name, the fdqn and the hostname of S3 endpoint - and they are resolvable. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the main log about this 500 error.
  6. Hello, guys. Hope you don't mind that I've interfered in your discussion. )) I can't understand why my Kazoo (master) tries to save media files using default proxy params from system_config/media doc though I want it to save recordings to S3. Oct 17 09:59:41 kzdev 2600hz[10256]: |NTY4OTU1ZjQwMWM4NTcyMzMxZGMxZWRiMTgyNmFjMzg.|kapps_call_command:3129 (<0.2934.0>) Error Storing File /tmp/10f704222e135bfcf08220c4bcf7c1ff.mp3 From Media Server freeswitch@kzdev.example.com : Received HTTP error 0 trying to save /tmp/10f704222e135bfcf08220c4bcf7c1ff.mp3 to http://d7f346ee18b67a81:43e86f68d5204a88@kzdev:24517/store/g2gEbQAAADdhY2NvdW50JTJGYzglMkYwYyUyRmMxMzA1ZTVkNjA0ZTZkNDY1OGQ2ZTZjYzk2MTctMjAxNzEwbQAAACcyMDE3MTAtOTM1MTNiZjk0YWZiNTNlODcyNTY5YmRiZDA1OTI4YjFtAAAAJDEwZjcwNDIyMmUxMzViZmNmMDgyMjBjNGJjZjdjMWZmLm1wM2wAAAABaAJkAAhkb2NfdHlwZW0AAAAOY2FsbF9yZWNvcmRpbmdq/10f704222e135bfcf08220c4bcf7c1ff.mp3 I've configured account-level params for recording, created storage and storage/plan, but can't force kazoo to send files to the proper place.
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