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  1. @Bret Truchan I'd be happy to help. If it'd be helpful, I could also get and end-user to provide input if you want more detail. I guess direct message me (or let me know a good way to exchange emails).
  2. Nice work guys! This is looking better and better every day! Feedback from our team so far... - Layout/design is simple and nice - we like! - Looking forward to branding options! - Top requests? Would really like call control options in the phone portion (specifically, Park / Transfer buttons) without doing Dial Codes. Presence would be really nice too! - Video conferencing is sweet! Works really well! - Video quality was poor on my call (much, MUCH lower resolution that Teams/Zoom). I'm guessing that will improve as we leave Beta? Overall, really solid! I'm excited to be able to put this in customer hands soon!
  3. Customer just hit me with another one... - See DID/CallerID of remote party when Agent "On Call" The manager would prefer to have an easy visual in the Queue > Member view to know who the Agent is actively on a call with. Emily, I think that's an excellent write up. On the Real Time Timer I made a few suggestions on language, but feel free to ignore them (they're not a big deal). As an agent I would like to see real-time updates for all the stats on my dashboard page. Some notes: I do not need to see the seconds variable in real time - just Hours:Minutes Perhaps offer a Seconds view (Hour:Minute:Second) when mouse hovers over the timer? Optionally this can be a user-defining toggle in case some agents feel it is too busy a display As an agent I would like to be able to quickly identify the details of a missed call in the Activity Log Similar to a cell phone “Missed Calls” tab Include fields to display DID / Time / Who missed it, etc. Data for missed calls is preserved longer than the time limit in the Activity log Access these details using a quick link from the dashboard
  4. I believe we have one of the first end-user environments running on Call Center Pro. With the exception of frustration around the February 11(?)th hiccups, it's been running well. However, there are a few pieces of feedback we hear from the end users consistently that I want to pass along: - Timer stats (in Queue > Members view) real-time update: We had a discussion Support and Dev about this, and were informed that it was a design choice to NOT have the timers update in real time. The reason (which I track with 100%) is that it makes the display very busy with all of the real-time movement. The end users have stated that they'd prefer they WERE real time regardless. It's frustrating to them (especially the managers) that they'd have to reload the page/app anytime they want to look at those stats, when all other data on this page (which is where they spend most of their day) is real-time? SUGGESTION: Why not trim the display back to MINUTES:HOURS (nix the seconds) and make it real time again? This would feel like the best of both worlds - i.e. Real Time data for ALL stats on this page, but without the Seconds display, it shouldn't feel any busier than it does now (because counters would only increment once per minute, instead of every second). And why do we care the exact number of seconds that an Agent (who should be in a queue hours every day)? - Quickly identify missed call details: The end users service a pretty static set of customers in the queue. They are not supposed to miss calls, but when/if they do, they (prior to Kazoo) were proactive in calling back the missed callers. They are frustrated with the CCP dashboard that, while they can see a Missed Call counter, there is no easy or quick way (from within the app) to identify the details of that missed call (i.e. DID / Time / Who missed it, etc). If they catch it quickly enough, the Activity Logs can help, but there still isn't a Filter for "Missed Calls". SUGGESTION: Could we make a "Missed Call" filter in the Activity Log to quickly highlight these calls? And possibly make a live-link on the "Missed Calls" counter to take us to that Activity Log Filter? Or some other view that would quickly let an Agent and/or Manager identify details of those Missed Calls?
  5. Agreed! One request though - the CSV Onboarding App (or some other method) needs to provide a way to BULK PROVISION BLF's. Most of our clients want 10-20 BLF's configured per phone, and it's pretty painful to do by hand. But via the CSV import it could be pretty simple...
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