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  1. Hello, this is a request, which, should have been addressed by Team Darren years ago. Most if not all, other platforms have that capability. Maybe we will see this ability this year. Broadsoft does it via Templates that are globally applied. Metaswitch does it via a CVS File which allows you to make a change to an unlimited number of phones in minutes, 3CX and Sangoma Free PBX have this built in. So your request is not out of line.
  2. Hello Emily, How can we obtain the Product Overview in a PDF,? Thank you Emily, Larry MORE, Do you use ISSUU ? Is this posted in ISSUU? I need to be able to place this info on our site. we can use a PDF, or post it to ISSUU and place a link. Thanks, Larry
  3. NO. At thiis time the Best Option for any hotel is the YEASTAR PBX with the YEASTAR Channel Bank. Only Yeastar has a complete Hotel System with integration to all Hotel Property Management Software. If you are not familiar with the Hotel / Motel Business, frankly, I would stay away from it. I spend $100K and 3 years chasing hotels for nothing. If you use the Yeastar, 2600hz Sip Trunks work 100%. We have had dozens in the field with 2600hz Trunks.
  4. Hello, we really need to know, when the Yealink T53, T53W, and T54W will be added to the Provisioner, as we need to buy phones and the T27 is out of stock. and we really need to know, when the Provisioner will support Yealink Firmware 66.84.0.X WE need the .84 to support the W50 Dual Band WiFi Dongle. There is no mention of the upgrade to 66.84.0.x in the release note above. Thank you, Larry France
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