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  1. KAZOOcon Virtual 2022 Join 2600Hz for a virtual half-day event featuring exciting product announcements, live demos, and networking that you won’t want to miss! We’re excited to announce the return of KAZOOcon! While we would love to see all of you in person again, we have decided to try something new and host KAZOOcon virtually this year. At KAZOOcon Virtual 2022, you'll will get early access to the latest 2600Hz product updates and announcements, see live demos you won’t be able to see anywhere else, and learn best practices that will help your business succeed, and reconnect with industry colleagues. There will also be a variety of opportunities to interact with the 2600Hz team, KAZOOcon sponsors, and fellow attendees through an unparalleled networking session, Q&A, and more. Find out more at KAZOOcon.com.
  2. Q2 2021 Quarterly Newsletter From June 29, 2021 We can’t believe another quarter has gone by and that we’re halfway through 2021 already! As always, we’ve been busy and are excited to share these updates with you. Key Highlights From Q2 In April we were in planning mode as we geared up for the quarter ahead. As part of that process, we held a Product Focus Group in which we shared some new ideas and a few things we were already working on. As always, we received great feedback, had productive discussions, and gained valuable insight into what our customers would like to see in the future. If you’re not on our Product Feedback List, make sure you sign up so you don’t miss the next Focus Group! With businesses starting to return to the office in May and many adopting a hybrid work model, we launched a 3-part blog series about hybrid work to help make the transition easier. We wrote about best practices for investing in tech, hybrid meetings, and managing a hybrid workforce. Check them out, they are all linked below! We also released some exciting updates to our Call Center solution, making it even more user friendly and intuitive. In June, our very own head of marketing Alisa Bartash presented at the Cloud Communication Alliance’s June virtual meeting. Alisa spoke on the topic of business agility, and covered how adopting an agile business model has a plethora of benefits, including faster time to market, higher customer satisfaction, productivity improvements, and an enhanced employee experience — not to mention the benefits to your bottom line. If you missed it, check it out here! Marketing Updates It wouldn’t be a 2600Hz newsletter without some media and press updates. Here are a few highlights from Q2: We were mentioned in a No Jitter article, Reselling UCaaS: Why This Model Is Gaining in Popularity UC Today featured 2600Hz in the articles 2600Hz Shows How a Remote Workforce Can Stay Connected and Do You Know the Key to Boosting Revenue? We published a few new blogs, Why Cloud Comms Providers are Seeing High Customer Attrition, Hybrid Work Best Practices Part 1 — Invest in Tech, Hybrid Work Best Practices Part 2—Hybrid Meetings, and Hybrid Work Best Practices Part 3—Managing a Hybrid Workforce We released two new podcasts: Equity in the Hybrid Workforce and Why Brand Loyalty is Key to Success A Few Friendly Reminders Product Focus Groups — As mentioned earlier, we’ll be hosting Product Focus Groups throughout 2021. We would love for you to join us! Sign up for our Product Feedback List so you don’t miss the invite for our next focus group. We’ll also be posting about it in the Community, so you can keep your eye on that as well. Free UC w/ 2600Hz Podcast — We revamped our podcast this year and you’ll definitely want to check out our newest episodes! Find out how we’re switching things up this year by listening to this short and sweet episode, and check out our newest episodes here! Don’t forget to bookmark our podcast page since we’ll add to it, or, better yet, subscribe to it wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts so you don’t miss an episode! If there are any specific topics you would like us to cover or guests you would like us to talk to, let us know at marketing@2600hz.com! That’s our update for now! We will have a lot more exciting news and updates for you soon, so keep an eye on your inbox and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!
  3. Q4 2020 Quarterly Newsletter From December 15, 2020 We wish you, your loved ones, and your colleagues a happy holiday season. We are very thankful for each and every one of you and hope you are staying healthy and safe. Here’s to 2021! Key Highlights From Q4 Back in October, we released a new app for anyone tired of screening potential spam, anonymous numbers, and other bothersome calls. In just a few clicks, the new Blacklists app will block unwanted calls before they ever ring your device. The app helps you manage unwanted calls and makes it easy to ensure only important calls are coming through. All you have to do is create a list and add the numbers you want to block. Then, you never need to worry about those numbers again! See just how easy it is here. In November we hosted another successful Product Focus Group. After getting an incredible amount of helpful feedback during our first ever focus group in October, we wanted to see if a second round would live up to the first, and boy did it ever! A huge thank you to everyone who participated and shared their thoughts. Because they are so helpful and engaging, we’ll be hosting monthly Product Focus Groups starting in January. We hope you’ll join us! Sign up for our Product Feedback Group here so you don’t miss the invite. We sponsored the Cavell Group’s Cloud Comms Summit European Series in December, which took us on a virtual trip to France, Germany, Benelux, and Spain. Each event explored key market insights, best practices, challenges and solutions in those areas. We’re always excited to be part of Cavell Group’s events, meet and mingle with industry colleagues (even if virtually), and learn from Cavell’s group of experts. We look forward to attending more of their events in 2021! In Case You Missed It It wouldn’t be a 2600Hz newsletter without some media and press updates. Here’s some news and a few marketing highlights from Q4: Our COO & Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan chatted about all things UC with UC Today publisher Rob Scott in this video interview. The Xarios team invited us to join them for an article about call center analytics called The Writing’s on the Wall — Call Center Analytics During Remote Work. UC Today wrote a few new articles featuring 2600Hz, including 2600Hz Staying Close — Even Though Remote Holidays, 2600Hz Has Evolved UC Automation in Four Major Ways, and 2600Hz and OneBill Partner on Integrated Revenue Management. The OneBill team joined us on the Free UC w/ 2600Hz podcast to talk about how streamlining your billing operations and revenue management can enhance your customer experience, and our very own Emily Ransford joined for an episode all about the 2600Hz Community. A Few Friendly Reminders Product Focus Groups — As mentioned earlier, we’ll be hosting monthly Product Focus Groups starting in January. We would love for you to join us! Sign up for our Product Feedback List so you don’t miss the invite for our January focus group. We’ll also be posting about it here in the Community, so you can keep your eye on that as well. Speaking of the Community... 2600Hz Community — Join in on timely discussions with your peers, get support for all things KAZOO, and find the latest 2600Hz resources. You don’t have to be a 2600Hz customer to be a member, but our customers do get access to additional resources and documentation. We’re constantly adding to the Community, and recently launched a Support page that features downloadable resources (including white-labelable docs!) and a series of videos explaining how to get started with KAZOO. To visit the community, click here. Free UC w/ 2600Hz Podcast — Our podcast is still going strong and we’ve added a few episodes this quarter that you definitely don’t want to miss! To make listening even easier, you can access to all 23 episodes here. If there are any specific topics you would like us to cover or guests you would like us to talk to, let us know at marketing@2600hz.com.
  4. If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, you can watch the replay here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/1870598442626046478 To learn more, please contact:— 2600Hz and KAZOO: sales@2600hz.com— OneBill: sales@onebillsoftware.com
  5. Join us Tuesday, September 22nd at 9am PT/12pm ET for a webinar with 2600Hz and OneBill! From automated order provisioning to efficient billing, invoicing, and taxation, streamlining your billing operations can reduce your operational costs, eliminate manual errors, and maximize your revenue. 2600Hz and OneBill have created a seamless integration between their platforms to help you achieve an efficient billing process that ultimately enables you to enhance your customer experience. During this live webinar you will: — Learn about the integration between KAZOO and OneBill's billing and revenue management platform in depth — Discover the benefits of using OneBill's platform with KAZOO — See a live demo of the OneBill platform — And more Register today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2363480917018222351
  6. November 1st, 2018 at 10:00 AM PST Want to ensure your service offerings provide the most innovative devices on the market? Join us to hear how Polycom can help you! Darren Knapp, Polycom's Senior Manager of Business Development, will highlight the new company and device offerings and will discuss how they're changing the landscape for service providers large and small. Learn more about the webinar here and view the recording here!
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