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  1. Click the link below to download a .pdf Call-Recording.pdf
  2. Click the link below to download a .pdf file 2600Hz-CSV-Onboarding-Overview_17Aug20.pdf
  3. To download a .pdf, click on the link below: 2600Hz-Commio-Overview_24April20.pdf
  4. Click the link below to download a .pdf file 2600Hz-CallCenterPro-Overview_30Dec19.pdf
  5. We're continually working to enhance and improve overall functionally of supported devices. Below are release notes for the next Provisioner update, scheduled for Tuesday, January 22nd at 5:00pm PDT: Obihai Adds firmware selection Adds multiple firmware versions for Obi10xx phones Fixes incorrect intercom settings Fixes mismatched account values for keys Fixes dialplan to allow **1 dialing Fixes codecs not being enabled Yealink Adds intercom key type for Combo Keys Fixes codec mapping on firmware v82+ Prepends http/https to RPS server URL if user doesn't include it in whitelabeling Cisco Fixes barging on active call Adds rules to update provisioning url with $DM.xml so phones can provision with DHCP Option 66 Polycom Adds additional step to provisioning process to enable "Tag SN to UA" for Polycom ZTP or DHCP Option 66 Fixes UI component to disable VLAN settings Grandstreams Allows option to use HTTPS in white labeling provisioning URL Enforces Monitored Call Park as key type Fixes empty string codec values showing up in UI and config file generation Feel free to comment in our community if you have any questions.
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