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  1. i would suggest to check first on each monthly database for the account in couchdb and verify the objects corresponding to each recording are pointing to the old storage plan or any sort of reference to the old s3 bucket. Then, the next step would be to jump into writing a python or any other language to connect to couchdb and change the value for each one of the files for each monthly database. there are some sample scripts in the community scripts repo.
  2. oh i gotcha, otherwise you can script it to go through each record in modb and update it with new storage plan id?
  3. Hi, Assuming the new bucket has been given read permissions from the Kazoo app server, then make sure that each file and folder in s3 has been moved and set with the right permissions as well. It has happened to me in the past that i push a file to s3 without settings permissions to it and can't be read. Test using AWS cli from kazoo app server
  4. Here: http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+to+provision+grandstream+phones
  5. Perhaps this could help https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/doc/reference/routing.md
  6. Hi Kazte, I am also in the same process at the moment , therefore I would like to know the answer for this question. So far, I have managed to get service plans working in Kazoo 4.3 using the new services API documentation posted in github/2600hz.. kazoo/core/kazoo_services I also managed to add a couple of rate documents in ratedeck database and I can see the rate to be applied using SUP command. However, cdrs still don't show the call being rated. For this part, I used https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/kazoo/call-rating Finally , Jonny5, after setting limits document for my test tenancy, installing kazoo-application-jonny5 and loading the application Jonny5, I still can't find the way to limit calls by balance run out, or any other type of limit. For this bit, I am using this https://docs.2600hz.com/sysadmin/doc/whapp/jonny5/ I hope we could share information and figure it out
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