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Setting a Provisioning Window


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Hi Community! We're back with a setup- and devicement-management oriented bit this week, in the form of avoiding a security block on provisioning of new devices on accounts. As many here likely already know, a common scenario when setting up a new end user account (or managing an existing one) is to add and provision devices to an account under the reseller's supervision before shipping/delivering them to the end user. While this is an effective way to preempt any initial setup issues and do an initial quality check on the devices intended for end users, there is one thing to keep in mind: provisioning is a secure process that is connected to different mechanisms intended to prevent fraud or malicious actors from hijacking devices. 

Specifically, if the device is added to Provisioner and is not able to successfully provision within a certain time frame, the device will become "locked for initial provisioning", a status which will require unlocking the device in the Advanced Provisioner application. For more information about provisioning and the Advanced Provisioner app, we have a whole mini course on it in Kazoo Academy, click here for more information and registration! 

For now, what follows is a simple guide to manually setting a provisioning window of time of your choosing, avoiding the automatic device lock in case of excess time from adding to Provisioner app and first actual provisioning of device:


When adding devices to Advanced Provisioner and before sending them out to the client,  long delays before booting and provisioning the devices can cause the office site's IP address to get blocked by the security measures when they finally do receive the devices and plug them in. To avoid this issue, you can set a Provisioning Window in within Advanced Provisioner.


In Advanced Provisioner, while in devices click on the “Set Provisioning Window” button:


This will bring up a pop-up, where you can input the IP and a Provisioning Window in hours:



And voila! Once you coordinate with your client about when they will be setting up the devices on site, you can set this window and allow for more room for error with scheduling and such, a quality of life measure that still maintains our security standards for provisioning measures. 

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On 10/30/2023 at 4:02 PM, Skunkbeard said:

So I have a question on this. This is great first of all super helpful. But lets say we are setting up multiple locations at one time.

If we setup a provisioning window for an IP. Is it then replaced when we add another? or does it just create a list of IP's and time frames it will allow from? 

Great Question @Skunkbeard!!


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Helo @Skunkbeard and @esoare! this is indeed a great question.

You can open a provisioning window for as much IPs as you need at the same time for any specific account; each IP will have their own time frame.

I hope this clarifies your question, otherwise I'll be happy to provide more details :)

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