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We ended up making our own.

First disable call waiting on all phones if you want.

Our version gives camper voice guide instead of busy response. 

Basically we set the busy response in all device call flows to give camper voice guide and collect DTMF for triggering campon.. 

Once the campon is triggered our go script checks the channels every 5 seconds for presence of the busy number. If it is not busy then a quick call is triggered between the two devices.

This works really well but its kinda hacky and continuously checking the channels will put a load on the server depending on how many people have activated the featurea t the same time.

@mc_  I was wondering if there is a way of checking busy status of on-net or any number dialed through quickcall or some other mechanism in the api. Something like  the ability to read the 486 code in the response to an unsuccessful call due to number being busy . 

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