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Special Voicemail for lunch

Jack Noe

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Hi we have users who have a voicemail with a greeting.

When going out for lunch the user wants to have a different voicemail greeting on his phone,  a greeting stating that the user is out for lunch.


Now, there is an option to have a temporary message on the voicemail.

But i dont see the option of switching from the main to temporary and then back from temporary to main without having to re-record.


Does anybody have an idea how to work this out.




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Hi Jack,

How familiar are you with advanced call flows? I'd make a callflow that hit a time of day for lunch that played a message then dumped to voicemail. Then "all other times" I'd make it go straight to voicemail. Then assign that callflow as the after hours option.


Actually, you'd want another level of TODs in there to filter out the weekends since I assume they only work M-F. I can dig in the the particulars more if you need.


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you can make a feature code that toggles between out for lunch and back to office status. When a person leaves for lunch they can just dial the code and then dial it again when they come back.

As for the technical aspect you can make a pivot script that loads the users callflow and adds an audio message for lunch or takes it off if its already there.

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We have developed an advanced "Presence" system for Kazoo. Here the users can set 9 different presence statuses with different ending date or time ("Lunch", "Meeting", "Vacation", "Business trip" etc).
On the phone, they can dial *23*1 for 1 hour lunch, or *23*1*1330 for lunch until 13:30.
Other presences are "Meeting"; *23*2*1415 (Meeting until 14:15), or "Vacation"; *23*4*0921 ("Vacation until 21st september) etc.

The system automatically answers calls to the user having an active presence, and speaks "The person you are trying to reach is on lunch and will be back at 13 30" or "...is on vacation and will be back at september the 21st" etc.

We also have a smartphone app (iOS & Android) where the user can select presence status (among many other functions).

Please send me a PM if this can be of any interest :)

Br Tomas

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