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Emily R

Call Center Pro is LIVE!

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CallCenter-PRO_x72.png   Hi all:

In case you missed the Business Partner Call and/or our email announcements yesterday, Darren announced that Call Center Pro is officially available for Hosted Clients!  
Contact Sales to get access, and go to our Monster UI Apps page HERE to read up.  Scroll down to the Call Center Pro listing and you'll find:

As always, we love to hear from you about updating, clarifying or enhancing any snippets of our documentation -- please add your comments and questions in the fields at the end and we'll continue to polish it up!


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Hello Emily,

How can we obtain the Product Overview in a PDF,?

Thank you Emily,



Do you use  ISSUU ?

Is this posted in ISSUU?

I need to be able to place this info on our site.

we can use a PDF, or post it to ISSUU and place a link.




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