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Send Media over phones

Jack Noe

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Hi all!

Customer: Day care center.


Director wants to announce every day when  the buses arrive , to all phones in the building , that the buses are here, and the assistants should start getting the children ready.


Currently he pages all phones and make the announcement, each day again.


Is it possible to have a media set up in advance and when the buses come, the director will press a button or speed dial which will send the media thru the phones ?


Can it be done thru Kazoo itself ? Or at least will it work with any outside device ? 


Thank you!





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1 hour ago, altinc said:

Check out the kit on offer from Algo Solutions like their 8301.

You can preload it with a wav file and have it broadcast the audio via multicast to any device on the network.



Ditto. We have installed quite a few of these.

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Thank you!


Im thinking now, of an alternate solution.

if i can upload the media file to each phone in the facility,  and have an alert info, that will trigger this ring, so when calling the phones with the alert info, this message will play as a ring tone. 

I just have 1 issue.

I can upload a ring tone to the vvx polycom phones.

I can also set an alert info for a ringtone that is with polycom for example low trill etc.

But i cannot set an alert info for the custom ring tone i uploaded, it just wont recognize it.


See example.





test45.cfg bustest12.wav

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