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Reviewing your MOS Score.


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The MOS score is an industry standard score that identifies the quality of the audio in a call. It stands for Mean Operating Score and can be found in SmartPBX call logs. If one of your accounts is experiencing call quality issues, a first step to troubleshoot the issue is to find the MOS score (call quality) for the call in question.

To trace the score for each call,

image.png  Go to the SmartPBX Dashboard for the Account in question.
  1. Select Call Logs from the left menu

  2. Select the Call time and date field of the call you want to review. The “additional information”, namely a breakdown of the call legs will display.


  3. Select the leg in question, and click on the gear for Technical Details in the Actions column.
    Using your CMD-F function on your keyboard search for "mos".  You should see something like the line below:


    NOTE:  The quality score is set from 1 to 5, where 5 is considered in-person talking.   The standard quality for telephone calls range from 3.5 to 4.2

    If the score documented in these logs is very low, collect a sample of these calls to see if there's a pattern around where they originate or end.   

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