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  1. Hi I have enabled RTCP in FS, it is working fine however variable_rtp_audio_in_xxxx are not shown in Kazoo call logs. What else need to be enabled in order those variables to be seen by Kazoo? Thank you
  2. I do not think IP based authentication will work because you can not assign the same DID to more than one PBX instance. However DNS SRV might do the trick.
  3. Hi guys did you get this working? I am also stuck on the step where Kazoo is requesting token from Google but it looks that step fails becouse kazoo_auth is using deprecated google API for it and it needs to be updated.
  4. It looks end user portal is not available "free" anymore, or I am missing something?
  5. Hi call center app is it free? Or is there a plans to be released as open source? I guess the pro version will be always paid.
  6. I agree it is not common setup but I think would be common issue for small setups like ours or people which just started playing with the project. Sorry I can not do PRs (not sure how to make them still), but I can help with detailed description of issue and logs if needed.
  7. Thanks Abbasi, this helped me. I think Kazoo team should look at it and probably make system smarter i.e. using FQDN of the server as Account realm to do not lead to looping of calls.
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