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Presence ID, 2 extensions

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Is it possible to have a  user or device have 2 presence ID's ?


User story:

We have an account where when dialing extension 201, it routes to device 201, then to device 202 etc, a long route.

But the customer wants that when dialing internally to extension 201 or to 202 etc  it should not ring the whole route but to 201or 202 direct.

The long route should work only when dialing 201 from outside of the office.



So the solution I think, to set in the BLF keys on the VVX phones they have, 

The BLF keys will route to a hidden extension 2011 for example, which will go directly to 201, and not the long route.


The issue is, the customer wants to monitor incoming calls to other extensions,

so if we make the  presence ID 201 and 202 etc how can we have the device have a presence ID of 2011 and 2022 etc as well ?










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I am running into this with another client. The Outside call can press just a digit from the Menu to be routed to the correct group of people/devices. Press 1, or "Dial extension 199" will call 201 User then also 202 User. 

Then you can have the Internal BLF's/Extensions/CallFlow for 201, and 202 be normally built. 

So how about changing the "extension" the outside caller dials to 199? 


Otherwise you might look at doing something like this below....may get messy with BLF's though...I haven't tried the below, but I figure if 2011 device is on the phone, then BLF 2011 and BLF 199 will both turn on. 

@Jack Noe The question is, can you go with 3 BLF keys? 

1) BLF Presence ID 199 at the User level for the outside call - 2 Devices have to be placed under the User though. 

2) BLF Presence ID 2011 at the Device level for Inside calls 2011

3) BLF Presence ID 2012 at the Device level for Inside calls 2012

Hope that helps!


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