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AMQP notification of calls from Auth by IP device


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I'm using Kazoo 4.3 (4.3.165 for Kazoo Apps, 4.3.140 for Kazoo Core).


When receiving an incoming call from an Auth by IP device after a period of inactivity from that device, Kazoo seems to only send a route.req AMQP message with a routing key of "route.req.audio.{AUTH_BY_IP_DEVICE_IP}", whereas all subsequent calls from that device result in two AMQP route.req messages, the one mentioned previously, plus "route.req.audio.{ACCOUNT_ID}".


My app is only subscribing for route.req messages to a particular account ID, which means when only the first message is sent by Kazoo, my app doesn't get notified, so can't answer the call and instead the caller receives a 604 Nope nope nope. Is there any reason for this behaviour? It seems strange that it only happens when nothing has been received from that device in a while, like Kazoo has a static registration that expires after inactivity?




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@huwsc90 Hi!

One guess is that the auth-by-ip information has left the cache and has to be pulled from your database. This process is delayed long enough that the reorder app's response of Nope Nope Nope is received first. Subsequent calls then work as expected as the cache is primed.

Compare logs of the first call that fails against the subsequent call that succeeds to see where the slowdown might be (thinking stepswitch_inbound and related processing to resolve IP to account).

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