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Notify when unregistered Missing?

Travis Hawkins

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Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't find anything on it. We recently setup a new customer using the Monster UI and about half of their devices are soft phones on laptop/tablet devices. Now we're getting emails all day and night every time one of the soft phone devices un-registers. In the previous interface there was a checkbox on the device configuration page for "Notify when unregistered" which would prevent these notifications when unchecked. I don't see that option in Monster anywhere. Was that an intentional change or is there an option elsewhere that I haven't stumbled upon yet? Thanks.

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So actually when you select Soft Phone we inherently know that the phone is probably going to roam. So we are supposed to disable, by default, and without option, the notify on de-register. So it sounds like maybe there is a bug or the GUI team did not understand this when it was coded up. It may have been missing from the spec or engineering design discussions.

I will talk to Aaron and see if we can get that resolved.
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