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Grandstream Config File


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Grandstream has many templates on their support site, but according to their tech support team, they suggest to factory reset the phone, configure as needed, then export the config file. This should give you a default working set of parameters in .cfg format. However, you will need .xml to download to the phone.

That said, they have a bash script (tool found on support site) to convert the config file to proper XML for provisioning. After which, I suggest replacing key parameters with say, "%ext%, %passwd%, %realm%, %proxy%, %prv%, %firmware%" and then use sed/ perl/ php to find and replace them with client information.

I've broken the config file into two; cfgMAC.xml and cfggxpMODELNUMBER.xml. If you choose to encrypt, you can request a GAPS template that gives you an encryption key option. They recommend using openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc for encryption.  
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i know about Grandstream templates, we have about 600 Grandstream phones on our system, but we are having issues with Grandstream-Kazoo, that's why im asking if someone has a "good working grandstream config"

basically the issue we have, that in order for the phone to make calls and not get a "403 No pre-loaded routes" we need to have Remove OBP from Route" set to NO,  but when we set it to NO the phone never sends a BYE to the Proxy, so the call will always keep ringing and then go to VM, 

we have tested this with many FW, and have the same results,
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I looked back on my support tickets for the GXP2160 and found one from March 2015 v1.0.4.16...
Thanks for reaching out. Arthur suggested we look into Grandstream and to evaluate the GXP2160 as a potential replacement  for our go-to workhorse the Yealink t2xp series that is starting to look aged in the workplace.

My team conducted interop and quality testing, but the device failed on all accounts. The firmware was not compatible with our SIP proxy from 2600hz.com, the phone buzzed using PoE. and voice quality was scratchy and distorted on the receive side. Perhaps the latter was due to a defective phone, but GrandStream forum users state otherwise.

They never did resolve the SIP proxy problem and we returned the phones.
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