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Setting Up Storage to use Google Drive


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Hey guys,

Does anyone out there have a setup guide for configuring storage to use Google Drive? I read a very good article on the doc site regarding storage plans for S3, but I'm looking to use Google Drive.

I understand the basics, but I'm cloudy on exactly how to configure this. For example, from the doc site I see the schema for the storage attachment google_drive. I get everything except "settings.oauth_doc_id". The description is "Doc ID in the system 'auth' database". Does anyone have a guide on how to create this doc and how to setup the oauth in google for this purpose?



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Hi, I am trying to Integrate Google drive for storing recordings using the same documentation. But In step 3.5, the callback API is not returning any token. Its giving empty response.

It looks like no user is linked to SSO provider.

How can I link a user to SSO Provider? 

From the auth.md documentation I found the following API but what is {LINK_ID} in this API?

Link a User to an SSO Application

When the user is signing on with A Single-Sign-On provider for the first time, it should log in with its own Kazoo credentials one more time, and then make a request to this API to link its Kazoo's user to the SSO. After that the user can sign in with SSO regularly and no need to use Kazoo credentials again.

PUT /v2/auth/links/{LINK_ID}

curl -v -X PUT \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: {AUTH_TOKEN}" \


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