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  1. I apologize for the errors you're running into. There has been a misunderstanding between front-end and back-end and we're working on a solution. For now the API are closed and we might open them, but if we don't, we'll have to patch the UI to stop it from erroring out when using these service plans APIs. I realize that this is a pretty big bug so we'll try to come up with a fix shortly.
  2. That I don't know. I'm not sure this is exposed by the API yet.
  3. The Main Conference is created using Callflows. We create a callflow using a payload like "data": { "contact_list": { "exclude": false }, "flow": { "children": {}, "data": { "moderator": false, "play_entry_tone": true, "play_exit_tone": true, "welcome_prompt": { "media_id": "137d1a15a17f5123a59d8db653902a95", "play": true } }, "module": "conference" }, "id": "2236ea09213123ad504e247bcf3213286f", "metadata": {}, "name": "MainConference", "numbers": [ "+14155556689" ], "patterns": [], "type": "conference", "ui_metadata": { "origin": "voip", "ui": "monster-ui", "version": "4.2-10" } } The media_id refers to the file you're looking for. You should also be able to edit the play_tone via the "data" parameters. If you find any issues related to conferences, make sure to file a ticket in JIRA with reproducable steps for the UI or back-end to work on it
  4. This is a user setting, your current user is set to use 24H I think, because for me it's definitely using 12PM format
  5. #2 Will see if we can increase the height of the dropdown #3 mmh that's not normal, can you please try to find reproducable errors and then file a bug in JIRA in the Kazoo project for it? #4 that's because email - to - email and voicemail recipients are 2 different things. I understand it can be confusing though! But if you set VM-To-Email on a user in SmartPBX, it's setting the vm_to_email_enabled field on the user, whereas the "emails" recipients on a voicemail box is a feature that sets the notify_email_addresses field and that sends emails to multiple people at the same time, for a group of people like a "Marketing" Vmbox or a "Sales" Vmbox for instance.
  6. This sounds like a bug to me. Can you file a ticket against the back-end for that one?
  7. For #2 it was indeed an issue with the slider library, and although we all preferred to set the times with a slider, the fact that some people couldn't set the exact time they wanted was an issue. Since it was also the only location where we used this slider library we decided to remove it and make the monster core lighter. For #3, are you talking about the "Account Jump" feature at the top right of monster? It's using an API that searches for account, and it's my understanding that due to CouchDB we can not really "search" in a very user-friendly way. A good way to use this tool is to search for account names "starting by" the string you type. We understand it's not a great way to search but for now we believe it's better than nothing. As for #4, I'm a little confused by what you mean. Voicemail to Email is a feature that is applied on the User, so in the features of SmartPBX, if the feature is enabled it will tell you there which email will be receiving these voicemails. It will match whatever is set in the Callflows App > Users > and the checkbox "voicemail" next to "Email notifications" (it will send emails to the "email" defined in the "Email" field)
  8. Agreed too. Creating a Monster App for that would be inferior in every way to Postman! And check out the tutorial from Joris, it's easy to use and cover a LOT of APIs
  9. Yes, this feature is only available through Adv. callflows.
  10. We just pushed some code in 4.1 and above to add this feature to the UI. For more details refer to this post:
  11. Thanks for the report guys, we've pushed a new feature to Advanced Callflows in 4.1 and above, that will show an icon next to feature code that have configuration settings available. See picture below! It will be available on Hosted in our next update!
  12. I believe this is the project that took the Kazoo-UI app and ported it for Monster: https://github.com/siplabs/monster-ui-apiexplorer
  13. I moved it to KAZOO as I can't find anything wrong with the way the UI sets the configuration. Also, when I tested it on my config, it worked a little differently, when Require Key Press was unchecked it wouldn't go to any voicemail and would just drop the call.
  14. Thanks for the report and for creating a UI bug for it! We recently pushed a fix (for 4.1 and above) and you should see it work normally in our next update
  15. FYI: I just pushed some code to allow Stream URL to be set on ring groups. You should see it live in our next update (I'd say within a week!).
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