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  1. Roger that, your complaint was reported to our backend team and a fix in the form of a system config flag to control this feature will come around soon (I didn't get a hard time line though).
  2. Correct, this toggle only impacts the current account you are logged into.
  3. I believe one way to disable such notifications would be to turn the threshold alerts off: Control Center > Usage Charges > Add Credit > Threshold Alerts > toggle "Turn on Threshold Alerts" off
  4. The Provisioner and Call Center apps are both paid apps. That said, you do not inherently need to use 2600Hz's hosted platform to buy those apps; I encourage your to contact sales@2600hz.com for more information.
  5. In order to add spare numbers to an account, you need to buy them. To do so, just click the `Buy` button corresponding to the account to which you want to add spare numbers to, and pick the number type and area code. Once that's done, the numbers will be listed as spare numbers under the account you chose when buying them.
  6. Currently, it is not possible to achieve this result in Operator Console. I created a ticket to acknowledge your feature request and keep track of it.
  7. Hi @Tuly, To define the name of a callfow, you will have to create a `name` property at the root level of your callfow object. In your case, it would look like this: { "data": { "name": "Tuly's new callfow", "flow": { ... }, "numbers": [ "*1000" ], "patterns": [] } } Also, unless you are updating an existing callfow, you do not have to add the `id` property, as it will be generated automatically upon creation of your callfow.
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