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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I'll try to get some answers for you.
  2. Hello @Logicwrath, Let me see if I understand what you're requesting. Are these the steps that you're taking? assign a number to a user enable caller ID (by default selects the one number assigned to user) assign a second number to user (still uses the originally set caller id of first assigned number) unassign the first number assigned to a user that was set as caller ID << Was this part of your process? We would expect this behavior if you unassigned the original DID from the user, but not if you simply add a new DID to the user. Please let me know if I'm on the right track. In either case, we'll try to help!
  3. Hello Community! We recently posted a product survey on Call Recording which you can find that HERE. After we reviewed the initial results, we realized that we had more questions, specifically around how call recording settings revolve around each other. When you have a moment, please review our additional questions below and share your thoughts: Are you currently using Call Recording settings within the Monster UI platform or a 3rd party integration/tool? I.e. Call Recording via Call Flows, or Call Recording via Call Center Pro? Do you take advantage of the "inheritance" of call recording settings that exist between Account, User, and Device settings, and if so, how do they help you? Would it make sense to hide some of these settings to an “Advanced” tab and exposing only the basic settings in the forefront? In your mind, what are the call recording features that need the most improvement or need to be added? Thanks again for all of your feedback!
  4. @Kadrel That's great! Could you email me at bret@2600hz.com? I'd love to get an end-user involved too if there's one interested in providing input. 🙂
  5. Hi @Kadrel, I was wondering if you had a little time to collaborate on flushing out the details of your requests? Specifically, I'm working on your request about accessing missed call information. I'm starting to brainstorm about what that might look like and I would love your involvement during the initial stages of product design. If you're interested, let me know! 🙂 Cheers, Bret
  6. Hello everyone, Today at 4:00 PM we ran into configuration issues with our forum software that resulted in data loss. The good news is that we're up and running. The bad news is that we had to restore from backups which were around 20 hours old. We meant to put kittens in your Holiday Stockings, but we accidentally left you coal. We are so embarrassed. Our community is extremely important to us and we're very sorry if you lost any postings or private messages due to this outage. This was entirely our fault, and we'll review our processes to see if there are additional safeguards or protocols that we can take to prevent this from happening again in the future. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on the forums or at community@2600hz.com. Regards, Bret Truchan Internal Systems Engineer
  7. I wonder if this bookmark plug-in would be the same as your star request? https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/438150-bookmarks-support-topic/ Also, maybe we should create a topic to discuss the forums themselves? (I brought this up before and was told it was a good idea, but I think that we forgot about it.)
  8. Fantastic! Thanks Darren! It's great to hear that these updates are in the queue. I love the new forums. We just need a dancing banana emoticon, and they'll be perfect.
  9. I have a few suggestions for the Callflows user interface. Please let me know if there's a more appropriate place to share this types of feedback. 1. Searching for a callflow using the search feature will only return matched callflows that have been loaded in the browser. If there are a lot of callflows that haven't been loaded yet (because, they're lazy-loaded when the user scrolls down), the search will return no results even though there is a matching callflow. Ah - I just noticed that a button appears that says, "search on the server". Although that did work, it seems that searching on the server could be the default. If feels strange to have to say, "Yes, please search the server too." Who would be like, "Oh, it wasn't found in the browser? Ok, nevermind. Don't bother searching on the server. I give up." Ha ha ha. 2. Rearranging modules in a callflow via drag-and-drop would be a nice feature. 3. It seems impossible to add a module to the _middle_ of a callflow. For example, if I have a very simple callflow containing one module, the Pivot module, and I want to add a TTS module before the Pivot module, it doesn't seem possible. In order to achieve that, I'd need to first remove the Pivot module (which loses all of its settings), then add the TTS module, then add back the Pivot module. 4. If I add the Device module to a callflow, then select "Add a new device" (a Cellphone), clicking the green save button does nothing. By looking behind the scenes, an error is is generated that says, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'media_id' of undefined. In order to successfully add a new device (Cell Phone), I had to use the Smart PBX app. Cheers, Bret
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