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  1. We are currently looking to add a few 2600Hz Community Forum Moderators to our Community - interested in finding out more details? Email yours truly with some information about yourself (your experience with KAZOO, Erlang, telecom...) at brooke@2600hz.com to receive more information on the benefits (perks! accolades! swag!) and responsibilities of being a Community Moderator. Cheers!
  2. Brooke Shepherd

    Business Partner Call

    Conference call with our valued business clients with members of our Product team as well as our CEO's Darren & Patrick! Learn about upcoming product releases, events, and discuss all things KAZOO related with your colleagues and 2600Hz! All updates and meeting details are held here: https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/forum/70-business-partner-biweekly-calls/
  3. Brooke Shepherd

    Open Source Dev Community Call

    This is a weekly call with James, Karl, and 2600Hz engineers to talk all things 2600Hz with developers from around our community. Join us on Townhall: https://townhall.2600hz.com/ when you use the dial pad to "Enter an extension" type in "community" (without the quotes) and press the 'handset' button to dial. 9:30-10:00 Pacific (16:30-17:00 UTC)
  4. Brooke Shepherd

    Some questions about Kazoo/Monster

    Hi Glauber! Thank you so much for posting your questions - I am just checking in to see if anyone has gotten back to you yet? If not I am happy to help answer your questions