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  1. @RuhNet It's now been I think 3 years. What do you think is a reasonable time period? Also - people complaining about this and that .. its OSS, not freeware. YOu have no expectations, and the beauty of OSS is that others can help (I know its not often , but it can still be helpful). If nothing else, than having people let you know about bugs is a big help. I understand the need to monetize (as I bet most people on this thread are monetizing it and making money or want to make money with Kazoo), but also understand and agree with the comments of "If you're going to close the source, just let people know".
  2. Yes, that's a problem with OSS I guess. They can always take what you've done, fork it, and make a full product out of it. I don't lik eit in that I'm a little guy with big asperations. I can afford OS, learn, and grow till I get to the point that it makes it finanically feasabile to buy hosting or a large maintenance package. But if that avenue isn't available, I must look at other options and other vendors. Then if you grow with another vendor, I think you're more likely to spend your money there and stay there. Anyhow, I hope that Kazoo does as you said and release 5.x OSS, but if the decision is to not do so, I think people would like to know. I've got plans for at least 2 different products that I want to add to the app store, but if its not going open, kind of negates me doing the development.
  3. @mc_ I have always thought a nice niche for OSS monetization is that on the low end there are folks that tinker, develop, maybe make a few bucks off the efforts. But for those that are making any real money, they MUST help fund the development. I mean how would you count on something with your millions on VC if you didn't have skin in the game? I mean, how can they do that and then what if there is a problem or if kazoo disappeared? Like I have said to a few clients before "You want me to make money". Cause if I don't, I fold, and then you have nothing. I understand saving a buck, and for a small guy with say 100 extensions, they can't really justify a $5K - $20K / month expenditure. But when they get big enough to have 10,000 extensions, then they better be helping on the develpment, and funding. Finding that middle ground, I admit is difficult. From what I've seen from other OSS projects are those that are making their serious money from it, realize they must pay maintenance contracts to keep their stuff working, and getting custom code done to supplement things. Sometimes some limit how much is out with the OSS, and the other parts are commercial. Then they get paid from the commerical as well as contracts.
  4. Thank you very much for your support. I think some folks here are just expressing their frustration on wanting to support a product that is very good and has the potential to be great. I know people keep beating you up about release dates / timelines which you don't have full details for or can't answer. I think if there were at least some communication from you on projected dates/timelines/roadmap ... then it could give those that are waiting to bolt on their own mods that they want to sell in the new kazoo marketplace, then you'd probably see some people acting more positive. I think people seeing that 5.1 is now coming out and still no OSS displayed, then they feel that is a sign of closing the source. JMHO.
  5. That's actually the beauty of OSS. You get to release even alpha or beta software, and get help from the community on any potential issues or bugs and they actually help bring the product to market faster. There's a reason why many companies have a strategy of different release versions and use of nightlies.
  6. If that is the case, and I sincereley hope its not, then I think someone from 2600Hz / Kazoo should say that so that people that are on the fence either using 4.3 and awaiting 5.x or those that are just waiting for it to begin with to make a decision on what direction to go can make an informed decision. It was originally stated that 5.x would be OSS, so if the powers that be have changed their decision on that, please let us know.
  7. I don't think I've seen a roadmap for 5.x OSS release. Would be nice if they did, because I assume there would be some community assistance in debugging and features. I've got one of my guys that I've asked to start learning Erlang so that we can assist when that day comes.
  8. Hi @NikosV, are you using open source or Kazoo paid portal? Do you have any custom things you've done with it? Like to know how people are using this.
  9. Would think some bugs could get ironed out easier with community support and help. That's the beauty of OSS.
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