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  1. Find a Device using its MAC Address Trying to track down who stole that phone out of the storage room, or off your desk? Here’s how to search for it, using its MAC address: Open the Provisioner Doc Use the Search field and enter the known MAC address there. NOTE: Advanced Provisioner will only find these phones if they were provisioned originally through its application. If a phone was provisioned through SmartPBX or Callflows, it will not find the MAC address.
  2. PBX Connector – Free PBX Hello! This is a little step by step guide for using the PBX Connector to connect to a legacy FreePBX Box. This is just a little for "fun" guide I cobbled together, thought I would share with the community. If you have an old FreePBX box with a bunch of FXS cards that you do not want to part with you can use this to create a SIP Trunk between your new KAZOO services and your legacy gear, making the move to newer cloud services easier. First open PBX Connector and Select FreePBX
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