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Hello everyone,

I have kazoo version 4.3-12 and the calls are not being correctly billed. have created ratedeck 

   "_id": "IN-918708",
   "prefix": "918708",
   "weight": 50,
   "description": "INDIA STATES AND POI-REG",
   "direction": "outbound",
   "rate_name": "IN-91870",
   "iso_country_code": "IN",
   "pvt_rate_cost": 0.90001,
   "pvt_carrier": "default",
   "pvt_type": "rate",
   "rate_increment": 60,
   "rate_minimum": 60,
   "rate_cost": 0.90219,
   "routes": [
   "OPTIONS": [
   "pvt_vsn": "1",
   "pvt_account_db": "ratedeck"

and running sup command

sup hotornot_maintenance rates_for_did 918708
                                     RATE NAME |   COST | INCREMENT |   MINIMUM | SURCHARGE |    WEIGHT |          PREFIX |   RATEDECK NAME |         VERSION |
                                      IN-91870 | 0.9021 |        60 |        60 |       0.0 |        50 |          918708 |        ratedeck |                 |
no rates matched

hotornot app is running but no per-minute rates logs in tail -f /var/log/kazoo/kazoo.log and also per-minute rates in cdrs https://pastebin.com/Yz0qKFPp. Is am missing something?

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You need hotornot and jonny5 running

what is the output of kazoo-applications status

When you run rates_for_did, you have to specify more than just the prefix. eg; if your prefix is "918708" then add at least one more digit to it (ex: sup hotornot_maintenance rates_for_did 9187080)

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Check /opt/kazoo/lib for a jonny5 folder. If it doesn't exist, see if 'yum install kazoo-application-jonny5' works

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On running kazoo-applications status
Node          : kazoo_apps@sip.veloice.com
md5           : fhp325X-PuQLN-tHO-DOxw
Version       : 4.3.15 - 19
Memory Usage  : 87.76MB
Processes     : 1798
Ports         : 19
Zone          : local
Broker        : amqp://
Globals       : local (4)
Node Info     : kz_amqp_pool: 150/0/0 (ready)
WhApps        : blackhole(5d20h29m10s)   callflow(5d20h29m9s)     cdr(5d20h29m9s)          conference(5d20h29m8s)   
                crossbar(5d20h29m8s)     fax(5d20h29m6s)          hangups(5d20h28m46s)     hotornot(5d20h10m45s)    
                media_mgr(5d20h28m46s)   milliwatt(5d20h28m46s)   omnipresence(5d20h28m46s)pivot(5d20h28m46s)       
                registrar(5d20h28m46s)   reorder(5d20h28m46s)     stepswitch(5d20h28m45s)  sysconf(5d20h29m10s)     
                tasks(5d20h28m45s)       teletype(5d20h27m45s)    trunkstore(5d20h27m40s)  webhooks(5d20h27m40s)    

Node          : kamailio@sip.veloice.com
Version       : 5.1.5
Memory Usage  : 16.05MB
Zone          : local
Broker        : amqp://
WhApps        : kamailio(5d20h29m32s)    
Roles         : Dispatcher Presence Proxy Registrar 
Dispatcher 1  : sip: (AP)   
Subscribers   : presence (2)  message-summary (4)  
Subscriptions : presence (2)  message-summary (13)  
Presentities  : presence (0)  dialog (0)  message-summary (0)  
Listening on  : tcp (5060 7000) udp (5060 7000) 
Registrations : 0

Node          : ecallmgr@sip.veloice.com
md5           : _Zxc1iK3ShlPA0urSxpcaQ
Version       : 4.3.15 - 19
Memory Usage  : 57.09MB
Processes     : 1171
Ports         : 26
Zone          : local
Broker        : amqp://
Globals       : remote (4)
Node Info     : kz_amqp_pool: 150/0/0 (ready)
WhApps        : ecallmgr(5d20h29m11s)    
Channels      : 0
Conferences   : 0
Registrations : 0
Media Servers : freeswitch@sip.veloice.com (5d20h28m4s)


the sup command is not working "sup kapps_controller start_app jonny5"

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Now jonny5 and hotornot app are running 

WhApps        : blackhole(3h35m47s)      callflow(3h35m46s)       cdr(3h35m45s)            conference(3h35m45s)     
                crossbar(3h35m45s)       fax(3h35m43s)            hangups(3h35m22s)        hotornot(3h35m7s)        
                jonny5(3h35m21s)         media_mgr(3h35m22s)      milliwatt(3h35m22s)      omnipresence(3h35m22s)   
                pivot(3h35m22s)          registrar(3h35m22s)      reorder(3h35m22s)        stepswitch(3h35m22s)     
                sysconf(3h35m48s)        tasks(3h35m22s)          teletype(3h34m21s)       trunkstore(3h34m16s)     

still balance is not deducted and not showing in cdrs, attaching logs  tail -f /var/log/kazoo/kazoo.log https://pastebin.com/5e9B88nB

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Will billing be integrated into Kazoo or is it an app?
because many things already have to be bought separately
I haven't known everything yet. At the moment the Kazoo system
sungle solution installed and got no further
because I absolutely need a billing system (rates update, price packages, dynamic routing)
Thanks in advance for clarification!
Kto znaet razjasnite. Spasibo

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