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Hello everyone,

I have kazoo version 4.3-12 and the calls are not being correctly billed. have created ratedeck 

   "_id": "IN-918708",
   "prefix": "918708",
   "weight": 50,
   "description": "INDIA STATES AND POI-REG",
   "direction": "outbound",
   "rate_name": "IN-91870",
   "iso_country_code": "IN",
   "pvt_rate_cost": 0.90001,
   "pvt_carrier": "default",
   "pvt_type": "rate",
   "rate_increment": 60,
   "rate_minimum": 60,
   "rate_cost": 0.90219,
   "routes": [
   "OPTIONS": [
   "pvt_vsn": "1",
   "pvt_account_db": "ratedeck"

and running sup command

sup hotornot_maintenance rates_for_did 918708
                                     RATE NAME |   COST | INCREMENT |   MINIMUM | SURCHARGE |    WEIGHT |          PREFIX |   RATEDECK NAME |         VERSION |
                                      IN-91870 | 0.9021 |        60 |        60 |       0.0 |        50 |          918708 |        ratedeck |                 |
no rates matched

hotornot app is running but no per-minute rates logs in tail -f /var/log/kazoo/kazoo.log and also per-minute rates in cdrs https://pastebin.com/Yz0qKFPp. Is am missing something?

Edited by Avneet Singh

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You need hotornot and jonny5 running

what is the output of kazoo-applications status

When you run rates_for_did, you have to specify more than just the prefix. eg; if your prefix is "918708" then add at least one more digit to it (ex: sup hotornot_maintenance rates_for_did 9187080)

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