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Developers for Kazoo API

TJ Forsman

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Are there any of you out there that know the API really well and could help us do some custom work from time to time that we could pay for on an hourly or project basis? 

Just a few things we have coming down the pipe as examples. Integrating with our billing system, getting the port manager working with the carriers we use, and much more. My boss has lots of great ideas. I am sorry in advance if this is not the kind of question we are supposed to ask on here. I'm not quite sure what the rules are on that. I just figured this would be the best to place to find people who know the system in and out. Let me know if anyone out there would be interested in helping. 

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@Guillermo Prado sorry to hear your frustration with the platform. What in particular was out of date or poorly documented for you? What was hard that you thought should be easier? Would be great to know where to direct some attention.

For reference, https://docs.2600hz.com/dev is refreshed every time a commit is merged into the master branch of KAZOO so it should always reflect the latest and greatest. Admittedly there is still some work to be done to backfill more information but we need to know what people are using so we can focus there.

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First of all, thank you for the quick answer. 
a few things:

I have tried  to use whitelabel, well the only way that I could install it was via crossbar:

# cd /usr/src/kazoo/4.3/
# git clone https://github.com/OpenTelecom/monster-ui-whitelabel.git
# cd /usr/src/kazoo/4.3/monster-ui-whitelabel/src/apps
# mv whitelabel /var/www/html/monster-ui/apps/.
# sup crossbar_maintenance init_app /var/www/html/monster-ui/apps/whitelabel https://xx.xx.xx.xx:8000/v2/
# sup crossbar_maintenance start_module cb_whitelabel

But it doesn't work

another problem with i18n Spanish language :

Someone give me an answer and I try to apply, but it never works.

finally, I give up and now I'm looking for a platform that supports a multi-tenant environment

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It appears that app (not a 2600Hz monster app) is not compatible (at least not directly) with KAZOO 4.3:

root@four monster-ui]# sup crossbar_maintenance init_app /var/www/html/monster-ui/apps/whitelabel
trying to init app from /var/www/html/monster-ui/apps/whitelabel
  failed to incorporate app because there was no app.json in /var/www/html/monster-ui/apps/whitelabel/metadata

Unless there are missing steps to getting that metadata directory populated, anyway. Compare to SmartPBX's: https://github.com/2600hz/monster-ui-voip/tree/master/metadata

For the Spanish stuff, I can only point to Monster's docs: https://docs.2600hz.com/ui/docs/internationalization/

In any case, I think it is important to distinguish between MonsterUI (the web frontend) and the KAZOO backend - they are two distinct entities. But I also think the internationalization capabilities of Monster have improved (we have more native Spanish speakers on staff so hopefully that's the case :) ).

Thanks for sharing what bogged you down. Hopefully you'll give it another shot at some point!

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On 11/6/2019 at 4:10 AM, Guillermo Prado said:

Hi, this is an issue with kazoo community, because the support is very poor and the documentation is outdated, I think is very hard to do something with kazoo 

Support is not poor, just not free if u need more then this forum. Now... is it very active? Nope, but thats because if u use Kazoo on your own, you are probably very well informed on the used techniques.
I do agree u need a lot of specific knowledge, and read your @ss of, but thats  just how it is.

Working with the APIs is not hard, it sometimes is a bit messed up because of that old docs, but normally u will be able to find your way.

Your options: Buy a support package, go Hosted , read up and learn

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20 minutes ago, fmateo05 said:

I was previously inviting some asterisk/issabel users to switch or migrate to 2600hz's kazoo platform. Also telling them about a basic installation and configuration.

They  find it 'difficult' and return back to their simpler PBX.  

Totally understandable, bugt it says very little about Kazoo. I have ther same problem when i switch from ms Paint to Photoshop.

Now, im having u grumpy day, so i disagree with everyone )) butof course there are valid points made here, but in the ned there are many options available to everybody.
Buy support, go hosted, or learn.

The lacking docs.... thats my pain as well, but 2600hz owes me nothing, so i try to be nice without kissing ass, write some howto's, help some forum members and hopefully get an answer .
If we all did that it would be such a nice forum to be that the dev team would stop hiding on IRC and hang out here...

Just curious... why did u invite asterisk user to switch?

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