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Full Outbound Caller Privacy


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For full outbound caller privacy the carrier Im using requires this:

From: "Anonymous" <sip:anonymous@anonymous.invalid>
P-Asserted-Identity: "447700900123" <sip:447700900123@realm> 
Privacy: id

How do I configure Kazoo to do this when I set an account to:

"caller_id_options": { "outbound_privacy": "full" },


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Based on that link, it doesn't seem like I could do the following:

If the From header matches a regex expression e.g. ^\\*67(\\d{10})$

- Add Privacy: id header

- Add P-Asserted-Identity: "{FromCaptureGroup}" <sip:{FromCaptureGroup}@realm>


Or am I wrong? and if so, how could you do this?

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Hi everyone! Stopping by to see if folks had had a chance to review the following documentation regarding Caller ID Privacy:


This was discussed at length internally, and while there are some details that may not apply, it was noted that another option for getting this to work was the following:

[...]one option is to set caller_id_options.privacy_method to sip on the carrier doc(s). This has only been verified in 5.x so far. 

I hope this helps, and I'll check back in to see what comes of that! 

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I just tried the system_configs setting on 4.3 and it worked, outbound call contained the right header:

P-Asserted-Identity: "Account Name" <sip:+$main_number@voip.domain.net.au>


PATCH {{ base_url }}/system_configs/callflow.resources

    "data": {
        "default": {
      "default_asserted_identity": true,
      "default_emit_account_id": false

It also set the Privacy: id header using the *67 feature code

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