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Jack Noe

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Hi Jack:

Thanks for your questions! 
Here's some short answers ... to get more details on the CCPro app, please check our CCPro User Guide Here. 

1.  Manager monitoring queue.  Yes, as manager to a queue you can view the queue's  activity logs and follow the agent's steps. 
     You can also download this as a .csv file.  Currently the logs are available for saving each hour.

2.  Managers can view missed calls in the Activity log also,  by filtering for this value.

NOTE:  There different access levels for Agents, Managers, and CCPro Admins.  To see these check the grid at the bottom of the CCPro User Guide.



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What i really want is to know the missed calls, that were not handles by agents.

When i search Rejected by activity logs , it does not show me the name and number of caller rejected.

So how can i know which calls were rejected.




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Hi Jack:

If you are a manager watching incoming calls real time, then  you should see the calls in queue display... you can also answer them and/or promote the call to a higher priority, join the call, and/or eavesdrop the call.   After the fact, the activity log does capture the missed calls.  One way to find them is to use the "All Call Activity" filter, and look for the calls entering the queue, which will include the phone number.  You can then track that call to see if it was answered or rejected ("missed").    Agreed, a nice feature would be to add the phone number field on all the events to make it easier to track.   You can submit this to our feature request board here.

Another way to ensure the call is captured is to provide a welcoming call queue to mitigate missed calls with a hold loop showing wait times and calls in the queue,  or if a call is missed the call is either escalated or sent to a voicemail, etc.  

Hope this helps.   Maybe some other community members have some ideas as well?

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